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AccuProcess Business Process Modeler

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AccuProcess Modeler is a visual, easy-to-use business process modeling software product that helps business people to document, simulate and improve their business processes. It is a next generation solution that combines process discovery, business process mapping, documentation and process simulation in a single, simple-to-use application. Business users have often struggled to document their business processes because no easy-to-use tools have been available for them to use for this purpose. AccuProcess has designed its Process Modeler product to make the task of documenting business processes as easy and natural as possible for business users. This business process modeling software product is designed and purpose-built only for modeling processes and so it does this job well.



  • Simple application can be downloaded and installed within 5 minutes
  • Ideal application for business analysts, managers and consultants
  • Unparalleled simplicity and ease-of-use for Business Users
  • Visual, graphical, drag and drop Process Mapping
  • Wizard driven approach to Process Discovery
  • Self documentation of documented business process into PDF
  • Process Simulation capability to analyze cost and timing metrics
  • Process Improvement and Optimization by analysis of as-is and to-be processes
  • Easy to save, share and collaborate process models
  • Support for BPMN standards


AccuProcess Modeler provides important benefits related to Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Business Process Modeling (BPM) such as:

  • Aligning operations with business strategy
  • Ensuring control and consistency of process execution
  • Communication of processes to team and new staff
  • mproving operational efficiencies
  • Gaining competitive advantage

Business Process Modeler


Other Features include:

  • EASE OF USE FOR BUSINESS PEOPLE: AccuProcess Modeler is a business process modeling software product has a business user friendly interface and is designed and purpose-built only for modeling processes. This graphical, easy-to-learn approach lowers the technical skill-set requirements, making it easy for all non-technical business people to learn and become proficient in using this tool. It is hoped that once it is in their hands, business users will utilize the AccuProcess Modeler frequently to document and model their processes and engage in business process analysis to figure out how to make their work better and more efficient.
  • PROCESS MAPPING: AccuProcess Modeler provides a rich, graphical and easy to use process mapping feature that makes it very convenient for users to design and visually represent their business processes. This is based on the drag-and-drop Canvas area and a Palette of process objects that the users can drag-and-drop in the canvas to design a flow.
  • PROCESS DISCOVERY: AccuProcess Modeler provides a convenient, wizard-driven process documentation feature that facilitates process discovery. Users use the process documentation wizard to describe the rules regarding their process. This includes information about triggers, workflow tasks, process participants, business rules, exception conditions, process parameters, input and output documents and general comments text area for users to write all the information that they want to document.

    Process Discovery

    This ensures all aspects of documenting a process are covered and the user has not missed some important   element of information. This ensures completeness and accuracy for the modeled business process.

  • SELF DOCUMENTATION: AccuProcess Modeler provides self documentation capability that allows the full business process documentation of the modelled process to be auto generated into a PDF document. This creates auditable documentation of the process, including a detailed description of the process design. This PDF file can be used for sharing, reviews, approvals and for archival.
  • PROCESS SIMULATION: AccuProcess Modeler provides business process simulation capability to help users better understand and analyze their processes. As with the rest of this product, this capability is also intuitive and easy-to-use.

    Process Simulation

    A running simulation is shown visually on the business process flow and it displays important information related to number of jobs completed, resource utilization, and size of task queue for an activity. This process modeling tool also provides simulation results at the process level related to both timing and cost elements including average, maximum and minimum results for both time and cost. A Simulation Results report is available that provides further details at the task and user level.

  • PROCESS OPTIMIZATION: This important capability is provided thru the process simulation feature. Analysis of the current AS-IS process and the proposed TO-BE process is critical for process improvement. Users can create various scenarios based on different resource allocations, timing parameters and quality of business rules.
    • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP and Linux
    • CPU: Intel® Pentium 4 1 GHz and above or compatible
    • RAM: 1GB minimum, 2GB recommended
    • Hard Drive Space: 100MB minimum
    • Java: Java installation on computer required


AccuProcess is located in Chicago, Illinois and it provides process modeling solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes.

best grammar app

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