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9 Great Tips, Resources and Freebies for BPM Consultants

Submitted by Abhishek on Wed, 2012-05-16 16:51

BPM consultants working with different customers can make use of these great tips, resources and freebies to enhance their offerings, quality and business. For us a BPM Consultant could be anyone working independently, within an organization providing BPM services or as a consultant with a customer who has implemented a BPM Solution.


1. Use Freely available BPM Workflow Design Tools

Designing workflows correctly is an important factor in the success of BPM Projects. Rather than using Powerpoint or Visio we strongly encourage using a BPM Workflow Designer tool. It makes a better impact on the customer and your process models depict how the system will behave in real life. There are several tools available. Focus on the tool which provides you BPMN capabilities, collaboration and sharing.


My personal favorite happens to be Signavio which provides a cloud based environment for you to design your workflows. Earlier Signavio was a 30 day Trial system but recently they announced

You Must try it out.


2. Use Free Templates and Formats

There are several Templates that you can use to impress your customer. Using a template makes sure you are structured and do no miss important Point. At BPMGeek we have put together a good set of templates you can try out. Check out the Post where you can download several templates like Estimation, Requirements Gathering etc FREE


3. Be a Real Consultant – Add Value

Add value to your customer. Tell them what is good for them and what is not. Tell them what are the best ways to solve their business problems and what are the pros and cones of each. They should trust you for good advice. Check out an article We put together sometime back called Are you a BPM Startup. You will find great stuff that can help you a lot.


4. Go Through Independent Evaluations

There are several independent evaluations available out there which will help you determine what products are good and what are bad. See what they are talking about the product and its overall future. In last few weeks we have seen a few products seeing the rough waters. Your customer will always seek you for best advice. Be informed.

Check out some great BPM Research and evaluations by MWD Advisors. They recently launched a subscription program with which you can access a wealth of BPM research, Online Tools and events.

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