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9 Great Tips, Resources and Freebies for BPM Consultants

Submitted by Abhishek on Wed, 2012-05-16 16:51




5. Use open Source BPM Solutions

Open Source BPM solutions not only Save Money to the customer but also are cheaper in the long run. Finding people, help and Forums related to open source products is much easier. A lot of Open Source tools like BonitaSoft, JBPM, Joget Workflow use very less hardware and can get up and running really fast.




6. Look and Feel Matters

What you present to the customer even during requirements matters. Create good designs, Mockups and screens. I prefer to use Excel but there are some good Screen designing tools out their that you can try out.

When implementing workflow, you must involve a few designers in your work. Designers can help you enhance the HTML and CSS to make your screens look much more clean and appealing. I have always made sure that my screens are an eye candy – and customers have always loved the product ;) The last thing the end user cares is what framework they are using – if the screen is user friendly and looks good they will love the product.

Use frameworks like JQuery to make your screens smoother and more mouth watering. Check out this article put together sometime back on JQuery by us.


7. Think, Talk and be Social

You need to be social and talking. Subscribe to forums, groups. Follow your products on twitter and facebook. Join the conversation. You will have upto date information on what is going on, what is coming. You will always be one step ahead of competition.

Share what you have learnt with the community. Blog, write articles. Often the next customer you reach out to you would know about your community contributions and would be more willing to give you the work because you are popular, reputed and knowledgeable. A great misconception with people is that you need to be a GURU (master) on on the topic before you can write stuff. That is so not true. 90% of people search for basic stuff and would love articles and tutorials on basic programming/modelling.

If you are interested feel free to contribute your knowledge to BPMGeek. Just register and click on POST BPM ARTICLES button.


8. Leverage New technology

Being Technology aware will always help you. And not just in BPM Space but in general try to know what's going on in other popular areas. Chances are that you will need to work out an integration with one such system. Some of the popular technologies are Mobile, Big Data (Hadoop) and Business Analytics. Find out what products are out there, what do they do and how they can talk to my BPM System.

Check out one such article - 11 Features Mobile Version of BPM Should Support

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