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Admission Processes for a School - A brief walkthrough

Submitted by swetaanand on Sat, 2011-09-03 22:57

Admission process of a school is a procedure to admit a limited number of quality students to a particular academic year. Almost all the schools follow the same procedure for the admission with certain difference.


Given below is the documentation of the procedure which defines the admission process of a school or similar academic institution in brief. Today where all the institutions are automating the business process involved in a proper functioning of the work, schools are also getting interested.  But still most of the schools follow the traditional manual process, which is very time taking, expensive and chances of mistakes happening are high. The most important point to be noticed here is, if one person (for eg. Principal) leaves the school in midsession, it takes lot of time and money in order to train his/her substitute. The solution for this is documenting and automating the roles and responsibilities of all the members involved in the school. This will help the new person to know all the basic information with just a single click and which in turn will save time and money for the institute. Here I have tried to describe and document the admission process followed in general by schools.


Formation of an Admission council

Management forms an admission council two to three months before the admission process needs to be initiated. The members are responsible for smooth handling of the admission process. The Council members generally comprise of senior and experienced teachers, Headmasters and other Senior management committee members


Some promotional measures taken by a school

Some schools also go for promotional measures in order to attract the quality crowd.  These marketing actions are normally executed a few months before the admissions start.

Some of the marketing actions are:-

  • Evaluating last year plan and identifying the strengths and shortcomings
  • Gathering data time to time from different sources
  • Deciding on Branding for the marketing campaign
  • Deciding on the target market and Geographical locations
  • Deciding on the media and channels to be used.


Preparation done by council members before admission

  • Senior members train Council members on how to handle the parents face to face and on phone, how to handle an awkward situation with certain type of questions, and how to showcase the unique selling proposition of the school.
  • Preparation of the test paper to examine the student’s capability, in order to allot them to the class they are fit for.
  • Decision regarding tuition and other related fees.


Dealing with enquiries


  • Once the parents arrive, gather information about their requirement
  • Meet the right Helpdesk person who can assist them with the process
  • Benefits, Timings, Fee Structure and extra curricular activities should be explained
  • Counselors need to help students out in reaching the right conclusion with respect to their stream
  • Accounts department is asked to take care of the financial process


Admission selection procedure

Sweta Anand
Business Process Analyst with experience in Investment Banking, Customer Support and operations. Has done Process documentation and standardization for several organizations
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