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Are the days over for Progress Savvion BPM Suite?

Submitted by swetaanand on Wed, 2012-05-02 11:31

With the recent progress announcement titled Progress Announces Strategic Plan to Increase Growth, Profitability and Shareholder Value where Progress talks about Divestment of Ten Non-Core Product lines which includes Savvion Business Manager, people have started questioning the existence of Savvion BPM Suite itself. We are seeing several discussions on Social networks on what is going to happen and what should be the stand for people and companies associated with it.


Another interesting thing to see is the drastic change in Progress website after it announced the divestiture. While the Site was talking mainly about RPM (Responsive Process Management), the main banner now talks about “Progress Solutions”.


Last week We had put together a post Progress plans to Divest Non Core Product lines like Savvion – What does it mean to You?. This post is in continuation to the same.


Savvion Business Manager is a great product backed by some really great minds like Dr Ketabchi, Dr Babu who have been very instrumental in laying out the foundations of the product. A couple of years back when the product got acquired by Progress it was seen as a good move for Savvion as at that point of time (and even now) it is very difficult for a pure play BPM Company to survive. We can wait and see how it turns out.


In one of the Linkedin Groups, the Progress Stand happens to be


We are in the very early stages of our transformation and we understand there are many questions in light of our announcement.

It is too early to talk about details surrounding the divestiture of Savvion and our future plans with respect to PCT but we know many of you have questions today and that new questions will also arise throughout the transition. For this reason, we have created an email for customers and others to communicate their concerns with us, so we encourage you to direct your questions to it.

We expect all the divestitures to be completed by mid-end FY13. We will continue to support Savvion until such time as it is divested, with the goal of helping our customers reap the high value to which they are accustomed and transition to their new homes seamlessly. We will communicate with customers through local contacts as well as corporate channels on an ongoing basis as we move through this process


Progress has been actively talking to Customers and have very positive view about the situation. While the announcement completely shut down the sales for Savvion, Support and Engineering are functioning pretty well. We feel customers should be pretty covered.


Sweta Anand
Business Process Analyst with experience in Investment Banking, Customer Support and operations. Has done Process documentation and standardization for several organizations
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