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Assessing BPM technology: Free Guide

Submitted by mwdadvisors on Sun, 2012-02-19 13:02

BPM technology is an umbrella term for the software tools and platforms, and associated services that organisations use to help them implement BPM initiatives. A wide variety of IT suppliers, large and small, claim to offer BPM technology products or product suites, and the result is a significant degree of confusion. What technology capabilities are important to support a BPM initiative? Which vendors are making real efforts to provide those capabilities, and which are simply re-naming or re-positioning their existing technology? And, indeed - does it matter? This report is the second in a set of two, which between them explain how organisations can frame their thinking about their requirements for BPM technology, and explain the thinking behind our assessments of vendors' BPM technology offerings. This report explains the analytical framework we use to shape our BPM technology Vendor Capability Assessment (VCA) reports, which provide independent analyses of the capabilities of key suppliers in this area. Each series of MWD VCA reports has an associated "explanatory notes" document like this.


Key messages

  • The capabilities of BPM technology should be looked at from multiple perspectives
  • Take time to understand the relative importance of functionality and cost-of-ownership issues.


Table of contents

  • Summary
  • Requirements for BPM technology offerings
  • Functional capabilities
  • Architectural attributes
  • Support for common process scenarios
  • The BPM technology assessment format explained.

You can download this free guide here.

MWD Advisors
MWD Advisors is a specialist European IT advisory firm which provides practical, independent industry insights that show how leaders create tangible business improvements from IT investments. The company was formed in 2005 by two highly regarded and influential industry analysts with nearly 40 years combined experience working for a variety of IT vendors, including Autonomy, Deloitte Consulting, ICI, Oracle, Sun and Sybase. Prior to founding MWD they both held senior positions at the advisory firm Ovum.
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