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BPM Case Study: Account Opening Workflow with Savvion (Investment Banking Client)

Submitted by Abhishek on Mon, 2012-04-02 12:22

This case study deals with the Account Opening Process for a fortune 500 Investment banking client. The customers of the Client were required to have a trading account opened within the firm trading systems before the actual trading activity could happen.




The following points describe the Process

  • Client would call/Email the customer support representative (CSR) and provide the details that are required to open an account – like Account Holder Name, Account Type, Banking Instructions etc. Also provided would be details like what kind of sub accounts need to be created depending on the trading types allowed to the customer
  • Opening of multiple accounts should be possible in the same request. Up to 200 accounts can be opened in one request
  • On Submission, the Trade support representative (TSR) gets notified via email about the new request. TSR would click on a link which shows them the entire request in a read only format. At this point they would have two options
  • Option 1: If the request has all the required information, Open the account in the Trading Systems and provide the Account Number in the form. After completion it goes back to the CSR for confirmation. CSR can resubmit in case they find some important information is missing
  • Option 2: If the request does not have enough information send it back to the CSR for more information. CSR gets a completely editable form where request can be updated and sent back for actioning by TSR
  • On Completion of the activity a summary mail with the account details should go to the Customer support representative as well as the Trade Support Representative


The process had the following Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements

  • The request needs to be completed within 2 Business days of submission
  • The Trade Support Group needs to action the request same day it is submitted
  • If the Account is not opened on the same business day it is requested a special email should be generated and sent to the Senior Management
  • CSR-TSR Team should be opening on an average 1000 requests per day


The solution was developed using Savvion Business Manager because

  • Savvion provides Rapid Workflow development capabilities
  • Email notifications were in built in Savvion
  • Savvion allows you to set due dates and escalations out of the box
  • Savvion infrastructure allows you to run large number of workflows seamlessly
  • Since requirement was to have up to 200 accounts in one request, Object dataslots available in Savvion could be leveraged easily


The Workflow looked pretty simple like the one below



Here the work step TSR Review and open account was created like a multi step process or Biz Solo Work step. The step had an adapter which could directly open accounts for scenarios where automatic integration was possible (after TSR Review). For other scenarios, the TSR would enter the data.


The Work step screens were very simple. Everything was editable on request and need more information step. For Other places, everything was read only expect comments.

In Order to measure the SLA’s the following Graphs were created

Savvion’s auto task email and escalation logic was used to take care of notifications.

The entire implementation took about 4 man weeks of time and was rolled out to different regions phase wise.

Hope this helps. Comments and Questions are welcome.

Abhishek Mishra
Good experience in working with BPM technologies like Savvion, JBPM. Founder and Chief Editor of Founder of Savvion Business Manager Mobility Framework Savmobify| View my BPMGeek Profile
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