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BPM Professionals - Are you getting paid appropriately?

Submitted by swetaanand on Thu, 2012-04-19 12:55

BPM Professionals, check out the article which talks about BPM Salaries, comparisons, Customer expectations and what you should do to enhance yourself.

Business process management is an emerging field attracting lot of Professionals from around the world. A lot of developers, designers are taking up BPM and using it to increase their salary as well as designation. Using some cool calculators we did some comparisons which can be very helpful for understanding what you can get (and what you should be getting if you are already in BPM World). Please note, these estimations are based on mid level jobs. Senior and Entry level can be estimated accordingly.

BPM Professionals get paid better than others

We did  a comparison of leading fields like Database,  Mobile, ERP, CRM and found that BPM Stands out to be the highest. We found that the average BPM salary happens to be around USD 92,000.

BPM Salary

Data provided by, a search engine for jobs.

What this means is that if you are transitioning from Application development to BPM, you should expect a growth of atleast 40% in salary whatever you are taking home.

If you are already into BPM for 2-4 years based somewhere in US, UK and are getting less than USD 92,000 BPM salary you definitely need to reassess your current position, enhance your skills and probably look for a job switch.

Which Tools should I Choose?

Based on the currently published jobs, the Salary for various BPM Tools is listed below.

BPM Salary

Data provided by, a search engine for jobs.

You will note that Appian and TIBCO happen to be leaders in this area, Followed by Intalio, Savvion. Strangely the Open source Tool JBPM Often ignored by professionals happens to be in the third position. The reason probably being that JBPM being easily embeddable, lot of applications use it as their workflow engine.

While this discussion is totally based on current market conditions, we Strongly encourage that if you are starting out new, learn Bonitasoft and Joget Workflow. These two open source engines have rich features and will definitely be in high demand in coming days.


So what do Companies look for in a BPM Professional?

We went through a few Job Postings and found that what Companies looks for are

·         Domian Knowledge (Manufacturing, Investment banking, Insurance)

·         Ability to convert requirements into Process Models and Design

·         Design, code, test and debug workflows

·         Develop reports and dashboards that provide real time insights

·         Proficiency with agile development methodologies and all SDLC phases

·         Enterprise Application Integration



How do I get Started with BPM?

Not into BPM but want to get Started, here are some pointers:

·         Identify your domain. Learn how processes are, who are the people involved in the process

·         Use a flowcharting tool to map the process

·         Learn about modelling standards like BPMN

·         Download an open source BPM Tool like Bonitasoft/JBPM and map your processes

Sweta Anand
Business Process Analyst with experience in Investment Banking, Customer Support and operations. Has done Process documentation and standardization for several organizations
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