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Building and Using a Business Process Architecture - Seminar by Roger T Burlton

Submitted by IRMUK on Sat, 2012-03-10 18:36

This seminar provides a comprehensive examination of Enterprise-level Business Process Architectures and their Alignment with other enterprise capabilities. It will deal with all the complexities of Business Process Management (BPM) at the strategic level of organizations. It emphasizes the management of business processes as assets of the enterprise. It focuses on the critical role that processes play in connecting the strategic objectives of the organization with its resources and with what people do every day. In addition to enabling you to develop a robust architecture it also will cover how to use the architecture in process centric transformation projects for leverage and alignment. It is suitable for those with or without process experience seeking to learn a set of pragmatic practices packaged into a reusable framework. The facilitated workshop sessions throughout are highly interactive and ensure experience-sharing with other delegates. Built on lessons learnt from real companies, this seminar provides you with practices to deal with the real and tough challenges you are facing. Delegates will benefit from the experience and wisdom of the world leader on the topic. Roger Burlton's book, Business Process Management: Profiting from Success will also be provided to all who attend.
Learning Objectives

  • Understand what's new in strategic level BPM practices
  • Be able to apply enterprise-wide architecture and process-level techniques that are aligned
  • Be able to set up an internal pragmatic BPM Centre of Expertise that supports the models produced
  • Learn how to sell the enterprise process value proposition and gain cross-organization acceptance
  • Be able to develop a process architecture that is the foundation for planning, budgeting, organization design, compliance, change management, SOA and the introduction of breakthrough BPMS technologies
  • Be able to use the architecture to accelerate process change projects and model development
  • See how to institute day-today process asset management and governance frameworks for continued progress

Benefits to Your Company

  • Anticipate and respond to changing business needs more quickly
  • Align all programs of business change and process governance with IT and HR strategy
  • Continuously manage processes as assets of the enterprise
  • Balance the competing requirements of functional and process stakeholders
  • Make process technology work for your organization
  • Define and manage an aligned program of change successfully
  • Run more successful change projects
  • Get all people to change with less hassle

Benefits of Attending

  • Succeed by delivering visible performance improvements
  • Become better equipped to sell the concepts upward
  • Reduce the aggravation and resistance to change
  • Develop better models and clearer communications at all levels
  • Have a flexible approach that works based on specific organizational needs and allows judgment to be exercised
  • Use a method that scales for both small and large organizations

Seminar and Workshop Outline
 The Foundation of Enterprise process thinking

  • Business performance pressures: Time, Cost and Agility
  • Integrity, Alignment and Traceability through a Process Architecture
  • Strategy, Stakeholders and Process Maps
  • BPM technologies
  • An enterprise process methodology framework
  • The fit of Six Sigma, Lean and other process techniques

 Enterprise Strategic Intent and Stakeholder Analysis: The architectural beginnings

  • Business Strategic Intent to define and align processes
  • Stakeholder Analysis (Who Cares?)
  • Vision, Goals, KPIs and Strategic Objectives (The Enterprise Criteria)
  • Alignment and Change Criteria

      Workshop: What are the strategic and stakeholder criteria for your
      process architecture?
Process Architecture Models: The foundation for enterprise governance and process management

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