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Business Process Management

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BPM Suites deliver enhancing business performance by offering business managers a way to effectively coordinate all the necessary human and technological resources required to perform a business process. At the same time, the development of a BPM system provides the business with an opportunity to review existing processes, automate additional activities, and remove redundancies. Once a BPM system is in place, it simplifies future changes and the routine maintenance of the process. Once created, routine changes in the process can be made simply by changing the business process model. Business process management attempts to improve processes continuously. It could therefore be described as a "process optimization process”.
BPM offers an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the process management practices, while simultaneously aligning human and IT resources more effectively. BPM Suites are designed to be used by both managers and software developers.
Managers help create the models and use monitoring data from the processes, as they are executed, to manage the processes. Software developers work with the same software tools to define exactly how software applications can be integrated to facilitate the process goals the managers specify.
Creation of BPM systems initiates a new era in the way business managers and software developers work together to manage and improve processes. Firms use BPM Suites not only to improve and integrate their current processes, but to lay the foundation for a more agile and productive approach to managing process change in the future.
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BusinessManager and Designers Terminologies
Following are few terminologies used by business managers and developers very frequently during a process design.
Business Process
A process involving multiple worksteps in the form of operations, interactions, and
notifications performed by a user, group of users, an external adapter, or a script.
Examples of internal business processes are purchasing, expense reporting, help
desk, and time card. External processes may include order processing, sales,
and customer service.
BusinessManager Application
In BusinessManager, an application is an installed, executable business process
that automates a business flow.
A BusinessManager application is an implementation of a business process. It
can contain one or more process templates, customized forms, adapters, and so
on. An application can be deployed, installed, and run on BusinessManager
Business Logic
The control and information flow among worksteps that define a business process.

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