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Business Processes involved in Employee Recruitment and Hiring

Submitted by AbhaPandey on Sat, 2011-09-03 22:27

Let’s see what are the standard practices that constitute the hiring process in an organization.


1) Human Resource Planning:

This is the process of determining the current and future manpower needs in an organization. This includes activities like HR Demand forecasting (predicting the quantity and quality of manpower required) and HR Supply Forecasting (determining how to procure the required manpower). Both external factors (Competition, Economic policies, Climate etc) as well as internal factors (Company Policies, Budget, transfers, promotions etc) are taken into consideration while planning.


2) Recruitment:

Recruitmentis the process of attracting and sourcing qualified candidates for a particular position. Once the manpower requisition is approved and vacancy of a opposition is created, following activities are performed:

  • Job analysis: Before inviting the applications a detailed analysis of responsibilities, skills and other requirements necessary to perform the job is done and based on which job description and specifications are recorded. 
  • Advertising the vacancy: This vacancy of position is then advertised internally with the organization and in the market outside the organization to attract the qualified candidates.
  • Collecting the applications.


3) Evaluation and Selection:

From the pool of applications collected via different sources, selection of the most suitable candidate is the next step. Different organizations use different ways for evaluating and selecting applicants. Few generic methods are mentioned below:


  • Short listing based on job specification
  • Aptitude tests
  • Group Discussions
  • Case studies/Presentations
  • Personal Interviews
  • Assessment Centre Approach


4) Offering the job

After evaluating and selecting the most appropriate candidate, he is offered the job via Offer letter. Offer letter is the official document given to the selected candidate, which generally talks about the position, structure of the salary offered, joining date, terms and conditions of the offer etc. Offer letters can be also be modified or cancelled, if required.


5) Induction

If the selected candidate accepts the offer joins the organization, he’s oriented to get him “on-board”. This event aims at makingnew employee feel welcome and comfortable in the new environment and to minimize the time before new employee is productive member of his new workgroup. This program includes activities like

  • Company / Departmental Overview
  • Job Expectations
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Providing him with Administrative Housekeeping Items etc

6) Placement

After the successfull orientaion, allocation of employee to projects is refered to as placement. this inclused intial projects of new employee as well as transfers, promotions and demotions of existing employees.


To optimize and automate the hiring process, you first need to figure out how these activities are customized in your organization.


Hope this gives a fair idea to bigginers about how hiring is done in an organisation. Queries are welcomed.

Abha Pandey
Business Analyst, with experience in Requirement Gatherings and Business Process Consulting
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