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BusinessFirst Business Process Optimization (BPO) Planning Workshop by Point Source

Submitted by pointsource on Sat, 2011-09-03 21:39

Pointsource would like to invite you to participate in a 2-day PointSource BusinessFirst™ BPO Planning Workshop with an Executive Consultant which will help you assess how business process optimization can assist you organization




What We Provide

  • Work with your stakeholders to find some good starting points and deliver high level plans which will get you going
  • Identify key business and enterprise capabilities which act as the foundation for innovation and help you understand how to grow those capabilities through business and information technology
  • High level analysis of candidate opportunities for business process improvement
  • Roadmap for accelerated value delivery


Your Benefits

  • Discover your business intent and plan your journey
  • Understand some common challenges faced in planning and implementing process optimization in an organization
  • Leverage business process optimization as catalysts for leap frog competitive advantage
  • See through the marketing hype and establish a solid foundation for business process improvement
  • Commit to a course of action with confidence of having an action plan developed for your specific goals and objectives


What We Do

We will work with you to refine the agenda; however, our typical activities include interactive interviews with business and IT stakeholders over a two-day period. The workshop includes the following:

  • Overview and confirm workshop objectives
  • Business Process Optimization overview
  • Present Three Pillars of BPO Lifecycle - discover, manage, optimize
  • Review candidate BPO opportunities
  • Analysis and road map development
  • Review and final presentation

PointSource will deliver an executive summary and high-level business process optimization roadmap with concrete next steps to get you going with business process optimization.


Get Started!

This 2-day BPO Planning Workshop is being offered to Business and IT leaders for $4,000 USD, exclusive of travel and living expenses.

For more information, please contact one of the following:

Chris Sanchez, VP Business Solutions, PointSource, LLC.
Cheryl Kleiman, VP Sales, PointSource, LLC.

Point Source
PointSource is an IT consulting company providing business, technology, and product solutions. We specialize in business process optimization, providing our clients with innovative solutions to solve their business problems.
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