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A case for SaaS hosted business process system for SMBs

Submitted by selvan on Tue, 2011-09-06 19:53

Email and excel sheets are natural way for SMBs to start managing their businesses. SMBs evolve from email for business management to software solutions based business management when their business grows, capacity increases and managing business via email/excel becomes painful. Thanks to popularity of SaaS and pay-as-you-go business model, many SMBs run their day-to-day operations on SaaS & there are plenty of software solutions for every business needs. Business managers/owners can evaluate & chose their preferred solutions for their business needs from SaaS marketplace such as

If we search above listed marketplaces for software solution for common business processes (ex: Project management, Help desk, Procurement, CRM, HR operations) that typical SMBs manage, we will find quite a few. But there are challenges in adopting those solutions,


  1. Unfortunately many SaaS solutions are one-size-fit-all ready made solutions, they may not suit SMB's own way of doing business, thus forces organization to change operations according to the product & kill operational innovations.
  2. In SMBs, it is normal to have people involved in cross-functional operations, thus they have to learn how to interact with multiple SaaS products with totally different user interfaces.
  3. If we assume, a 20 people SMB spends around $150 per month on SaaS hosted solution for each business process, they have to churn out minimum of $9000 per Annam for five business processes (150 * 12 * 5).What if SMBs could craft their own solutions for their business process needs in few minutes and spend less money instead of 9,000 USD?.

Business owners understand their business better than anyone else. Why don't allow them to craft automation solution for their business by themselfs?. Postoz ( is one such web based business process system, that enables business owners take control of their workflow automation without writing single line of code. No need to sacrifice operational innovations by purchasing ready-made solutions. Try it out yourself and get started with Postoz free !!.

Founder of Postoz ( - SaaS hosted, human centric, web-based business process system. Postoz enables enterprises to roll-out automation solutions for their business process, in few minutes & deploy them over internet instantly. Since Postoz is SaaS hosted & web-based, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. There is nothing to download or install. Craft your own business process in 5 minutes.
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