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Do you know how to create a Quotation Management Process in Savvion?

Submitted by prasadmogal on Fri, 2011-11-11 17:02

In terms of sales, insurance domain has been very competitive. Quotation management being the first step for any policy, and to make them easily reachable for the end clients, insurance companies generally land up in setting a call centre or making the quotation management process online. This in fact is effective too. The quotation generation process is very fluctuating or we can say keeps changing time to time. So, implementing the entire quotation generation/management process through traditional Web app approach is not recommended. So, lets see how can we create a simple quote management process using SAVVION.


Before going ahead I assume that you have basic knowledge of any of the BPM tools. Let us create a Vehicle quote management process.


To brief about the Vehicle quote management- here you, being the policy buyer,provide some of the basic information about your vehicle, for example:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Vehicle parking address
  • Vehicle engine capacity
  • Fuel consumption type
  • Drivers information
  • Body type
  • Year of purchase
  • Company information
  • Previous insurance info and claim info (if any)


Based on this information, insurance premium is calculated. Generally, quote management system is similar to one shown below-





Process design:

To keep things simpler, we will design 2 step process in Savvion. Start step will display the form, in between we will have an adapter where we can write the logic  to generate the quote or for commercial applications, a separate quote generation system. The third and last step will display the final premium generated form.




Sample quote information form:

Below shown is the sample quote information form, which is developed using Savvion studio – 



Adapter: The logic performer-

Below shown is sample adapter, where we have all the form fields and you are free to write any of quote generation logic or even you call a sub-process which perform all the rule engine logic and premium calculation logic (note if your premium calculation engine is a third party system, you would probably need to integrate with it using WEB Services) For more information on integrating with web services read Strategies to integrate your BPM Product with 3rd party applications



Premium Form:

Finally after all premium calculation, premium needs to be displayed. A sample form is shown below:


Brain game: 

One of the biggest advantage of managing quote through business process management would be : for the countries as in Indian sub-continent, where the insurance sales heavily depends on face to face marketing or through agents, integrating bpm with mobile would be a great idea, wot say???  

Prasad Mogal
Experience in working with BPM tools like Savvion, Processmaker and Intalio.
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