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How Confiance helped Business Architecture & Improvement in Bulk Manufacturing Process

Submitted by Confiance on Sun, 2011-11-20 21:02

A research-based, global pharmaceutical company looked to Confiance as a business transformation partner to enhance the bulk manufacturing processes of its China division.


Confiance provided the pharmaceutical company with sustainable business architecture methods and techniques for achieving repeatable results.


The Challenge


The client's China division was using different manufacturing processes than its other global divisions, causing an inability to easily compare process definitions, roles and key requirements. The pharmaceutical company needed to first identify the differences between the two manufacturing processes in order to understand what would work best for an SAP implementation.


The Solution


Confiance served as the lead business architect and facilitated sessions with subject matter experts to define bulk manufacturing processes using the client's existing global model. Confiance utilized its unique experience in providing customized BPM and EA solutions to identify areas for improvement and provided the foundation for a successful implementation of SAP into the client's China division. Additionally, based on the client's existing processes, Confiance identified key challenge areas that needed to be addressed to enhance its end-to-end bulk manufacturing processes.


The Result


As a result of implementing a process-based development approach to implement SAP into their China division, the client was able to greatly increase the efficiency of both their internal and external supply chain operations. Specific benefits include:

  • Clearly articulated process steps defined to implement the business model at a regional level
  • Clearly established roles, systems, sequence and outcomes defined for bulk manufacturing
  • Explicit definition of bulk manufacturing processes for the China division versus the global models generic approach
  • Future regional implementations of SAP will be able to easily adopt these end-to-end process definitions

Confiance Group
Confiance is a global provider of business transformation solutions for commercial and government agencies. Confiance provides a comprehensive approach to Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Process Based Execution through a combination of consulting, education, and technology that allows organizations to be more efficient, agile, and improve service to customers and citizens. Confiance is recognized by its Global 500 and government customers as a trusted partner that helps implement change in order to achieve better business results.
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