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How Confiance helped Business Process Design & Rationalization for SAP Process

Submitted by Confiance on Sat, 2011-11-19 20:02

Confiance led a global, privately-held company in an SAP-driven business transformation initiative by providing expertise in the use and application of the ARIS for SAP Platform. Our client faced business practice-versus-theory implementation issues. To construct and execute a substantial business process documentation project plan, the company sought expertise on how to take SAP-centric models that had come from its Solution Manager environment and translate them into a view of how the company executed relevant business processes.


The Challenge


Our client aimed to establish a business repository that could be leveraged for end-user training, project roll-outs and process optimization. Using the ARIS Platform, modeling techniques and process documentation as a foundation, this would lead ultimately to implementing BPM in coming years.


Since our client was a seasoned user of the SAP software suite (with modules implemented around the globe), its executive management decided it was time to effectively employ the ARIS Platform—using the SAP processes as a base—to more fully model how the company's various business processes were being implemented. This entailed moving SAP process models from Solution Manager into ARIS and in educating the company's SAP implementation team in creating relevant ARIS methods at different levels of abstraction. Several challenges arose:

  • Resources were constantly being moved in and out of the Center of Excellence.
  • Not everyone had adequate training in the ARIS Platform.
  • Most team members had no business modeling experience.
  • The company faced an aggressive completion deadline for this initiative.


The Solution


As a trusted partner in delivering value to make businesses more competitive, Confiance began by helping our client to resolve strategic conflicts around the SAP Solution Manager structure (versus what the ARIS process structure should be) and in migrating models from one structure to the other. "Confiance helped transform our technical SAP information into an enterprise business repository to establish a solid foundation for successfully using BPM," said a client senior manager. Experienced Confiance practitioners helped to evolve our client's standards, conventions and approach in order to position the company for success. As the project kicked off, Confiance experts provided practical, on-site ARIS refresher training to ensure a rapid learning curve. Finally, we mentored their team by reviewing each member's progress over a period of several weeks, providing real-world examples, and offering constructive criticism and suggestions on how to improve quality and content of models.


The Result


The ARIS enablement and mentoring initiative has been extremely successful—receiving praise and positive feedback from their senior management. "Confiance was adept at understanding our environment and accelerated our skills development," noted a senior manager. "They saved us from many trial-and-error situations in modeling techniques and in fully utilizing ARIS. We're getting favorable reactions as we expose the tool and techniques to our business partners and other CIS organizations."


Confiance Group
Confiance is a global provider of business transformation solutions for commercial and government agencies. Confiance provides a comprehensive approach to Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Process Based Execution through a combination of consulting, education, and technology that allows organizations to be more efficient, agile, and improve service to customers and citizens. Confiance is recognized by its Global 500 and government customers as a trusted partner that helps implement change in order to achieve better business results.
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