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How Confiance helped the workforce of a fortune 500 company in effectively using its BPM ARIS solution

Submitted by Confiance on Sat, 2012-02-11 17:25

Confiance Group assists a Fortune 500 company with their ARIS business transformation enablement initiative, by providing customized courses, global classroom training, and mentorship in order to foster a predictable and consistent learning experience, and make effective use of corporate time and resources.


The Challange


The client was spending too much time, money and effort on administering and managing their BPM ARIS training initiative. Managing their ARIS training undertaking was proving to consume far more time and resources than expected. Also, the objective of formulating, maintaining and delivering a harmonious set of training materials around ARIS Business Designer/Architect and a methodological approach to employees with diverse cultural backgrounds was proving to be a huge challenge for the client.


The Solution


This engagement was broken into five distinct phases: 1. Gathering and absorbing the existing corporate training materials, objectives and ARIS corporate modeling standards; 2. Meeting with key resources to understand their classroom, e-learning and mentoring goals and objectives; 3. Creating a set of client approved static examples of the final products; 4. Physically developing the training curriculum and mentoring program using state-of-the art technology and by tapping the knowledge of our BPM experts, and lastly; 5. Delivering classroom-based training courses, and executing people specific mentoring programs.


The Confiance Group's training specialists constructed the course curriculum that does not merely consist of a set of PowerPoint slides, but rather a logical collection of vibrant and dynamic panels embracing specific content, that also tests the students understanding and perception of the material using various methods.


Furthermore, Confiance was able to provide:

  • One centralized global contract for ease of administration
  • One consistent training curriculum for Europe and the USA
  • Discounted pricing for bundled training
  • Utilization of the same case studies
  • Consistent pricing for services globally
  • Multiple training offerings to enhance user productivity


The Result


The business transformation enablement and mentoring initiative has been extremely successful, having received much praise and positive feedback both from the client's senior management and students alike. Due to the fact that there are now a more consistent set of methods & conventions, and that team members have been mentored in their application and the business modeling process, the client's models now reflect a higher degree of accuracy, robust business content and uniformity.


The holistic training program has also brought a much-needed level of control and order to the client. It is now possible to easily track who has taken what training curriculum and when. It also affords students, at no additional cost, the ability to revisit / review course material on an as-needed basis even in the absence of expert support staff, thus making more effective use of time and skilled resources.


Confiance Group
Confiance is a global provider of business transformation solutions for commercial and government agencies. Confiance provides a comprehensive approach to Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Process Based Execution through a combination of consulting, education, and technology that allows organizations to be more efficient, agile, and improve service to customers and citizens. Confiance is recognized by its Global 500 and government customers as a trusted partner that helps implement change in order to achieve better business results.
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