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How DE UNA used ProcessMaker to integrate with a Bar Code System to automate its messaging services

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DE UNA is a young company that has developed an dynamic messaging service and an innovative service for home use and small business use by which a customer can request that certain types of time consuming errands be run in his/her name.


DE UNA is based in Quito, Ecuador and provides services to its client base across the entire country.


DE UNA came up with this fast growing business idea when they observed the increasing needs of time constrained parents and executives which often had no time to run personal or business related errands.  At the same time, Escuchar


DE UNA, decided to complement the “errand running” business with its messenger/courier business because it realized that both business required the same systems and infrastructure.


DE UNA decided to use ProcessMaker because it wanted to create immediate efficiencies which would let its customers do all of the service ordering directly via the web, and then insure that these orders were carried out in a manner that would be easy to track and maintain as the business scaled.   DE UNA had an initial list of requirements regarding how their business should operate which included the following:

  • Customers can order their transactions via the Web or through a call center.
  • The system should allow total visibility to the customer so that they can see the status of their errand or courier packet at all times.
  • The system should integrate with bar codes and bar code readers in order to insure efficiency and traceability.
  • Strict customer SLA (Service Level Agreements) should be tracked and maintained.
  • The system should allow for easy integration with existing customer databases.
  • Integration with customer databases with an easy web based update and import mechanism.



Doknos developed a web-based solution that allows ProcessMaker to generate all the tasks related to an errand the moment that a client generates the request through a ProcessMaker web form.  The process is then executed in ProcessMaker as tasks get passed from participant to participant.  The application even integrates with mapping software to generate a logical order for those executing the errands based on geographic location of the particular errand.  


DE UNA used ProcessMaker integrated with a Bar Code System to automate its messaging services and create a new web portal to provide an agile and easy way for customers to order and track services

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