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How ProcessMaker helped AgroTechnology in automation of its Project Submission and Evaluation Process

Submitted by processmaker on Mon, 2011-12-19 14:54

AgroTechnology Transfer and Commercialization Center is a private/public joint venture that promotes advanced technology, products, and know-how in the agroindustrial sector of Kazakhstan. The company was faced with a rapid increase in paper-based processes that were running out of control as it attempted to manage the processes that were central to its work: developing project descriptions, establishing cooperaton with external experts, and evaluating projects. These processes generated a vast amount of information that could not be easily analyzed to improve process efficiency.


The paper-based business processes needed immediate automation to eliminate duplicated effort and errors in documentation. The introduction of ProcessMaker workflow software in the company’s working processes optimized labor expenditures.



  • Continuing flow of innovative project descriptions exceeded organizations capacity to evaluate them in a timely manner.
  • Activities driven by paper?based processes were difficult to track and manage.
  • Business-processes needed to be automated to exclude human factor mistakes.



ProcessMaker automated the process that handled the submission of project descriptions and their evaluation, including e-mail notifications. The software’s output document module generated all the necessary documents to partner with external experts, based on the information they provided when they applied to become a partner. The software’s messaging module improved communication and the efficiency of the center’s processes.


By automating processes online, ProcessMaker increased data integrity and process reliability, since all information collected by the forms, as well as process data, could be safely kept in the software’s stable, flexible database.



  • Greater visibility into processes and crucial data which could be used to improve business process performance
  • Improved communication and interactivity between staff, clients, and external experts.
  • Increased efficiency by replacing paper-based processes with on-line form-driven processes
  • Decreased errors in establishing partnerships with external experts.
  • Decreased time for approvals with automated notifications based on intelligent ProcessMaker routing rules.

Process Maker
ProcessMaker is developed by Colosa Inc., a developer of software solutions that enable companies to simplify workflow through the capture and automation of business processes.
best grammar app

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