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How ProcessMaker helped BanRegio to efficiently serve over 200 daily file requests without sacrificing security and business policy compliance.

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The Regional Bank of Monterrey, S.A., BanRegio, began operations in 1994. BanRegio prides itself on the high level of knowledge and experience it has to offer to clients. However, the lack of internal organization within the bank made it difficult to provide services in an efficient manner. BanRegio needed a way to improve and standardize its organizational structure in order to ensure quicker customer response times and greater customer satisfaction.



  • Data was organized in complex Excel spreadsheets and independently maintained
  • Lack of standardization between processes
  • Managers did not have a way to evaluate business process performance and efficiency
  • Customers could not track their claims efficiently
  • Customer response times were too long


Processes Automated in ProcessMaker

  • Request for a Credit Related Product or Operation
  • Request for Certificate of Debt Level
  • Request to Restructure an Agreement
  • Request a Payment Note
  • File an Insurance Claim request
  • Make a request regarding a Deposit
  • Make a Special Check Request
  • File a Complaint regarding Electronic Transaction
  • File a Complaint regarding a Credit Transaction
  • File a Complaint regarding a Liability related transaction (check related)
  • Request for a Document or File from Secure Warehouse
  • Request from General Archives
  • Complaint or Clarification related to a Point of Sale Transaction
  • Complaints and Clarifications related to an ATM Transaction


Description of How the Processes Improved Efficiency

BanRegio implemented an online application for customers and employees to file claims regarding questionable charges or concerns regarding investments. Utilizing ProcessMaker's automated process management tools, this form would automatically be routed onto its appropriate path to provide quick and efficient response times. Along with this, ProcessMaker will allow retail store customers to easily file and track claims and concerns. In addition, Pentaho reports integrated with ProcessMaker allows managers to monitor average process and customer response times, helping them evaluate process efficiency.


ProcessMaker will help BanRegio process internal document requests. The organization relies on ProcessMaker to efficiently serve over 200 daily file requests without sacrificing security and business policy compliance.



  • Improved customer service as a result of greater visibility over process status
  • Increased customer confidence and satisfaction
  • Improved internal file request processing efficiency
  • Intuitive graphical interface and automation simplifies claim processing, resulting in quicker customer response times

Process Maker
ProcessMaker is developed by Colosa Inc., a developer of software solutions that enable companies to simplify workflow through the capture and automation of business processes.
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