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How ProcessMaker helped Global Environmental Solutions for creating a workflow that gathered relevant chemical and environmental information

Submitted by processmaker on Thu, 2011-12-08 17:57

Global Environmental Solutions Inc. (GESI) successfully incorporates governmental environmental compliance restrictions into both short and long term planning for their industrial clients, thus providing clients with a significant reduction of business risk. GESI needed a method to streamline their analysis for the Air Services Department and to restrict information access to specific people and organizations.  ProcessMaker created a workflow that gathered relevant chemical information, conducted the preliminary analysis, and safely controlled access to the confidential results.


This process greatly increased the efficiency of GESI's core business since it eliminated the need for experts to conduct redundant analyses.


Pain Points

  • Expert resources were consumed by conducting redundant analysis on identical or similar products.
  • Transcribing the data from research documents to official documents was inefficient and time consuming.



Chemical Information Analysis Process: The product number and date in an email automatically initiates a new case.  ProcessMaker gathers necessary chemical and environmental information from existing documents, then cross-references the information with past analyses.  ProcessMaker then either automatically provides a recommendation or prompts a specific expert for feedback.  Lastly, ProcessMaker creates an updated version of the Material's Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and stores it, providing the appropriate people access to the confidential information.


Additional Features / Customizations

  • The ProcessMaker team designed method to directly and automatically initiate the Chemical Information Analysis Process from the information provided in an e-mail.  
  • As part of the project the ProcessMaker team has also implemented for GESI the document management system KnowledgeTree fully integrated with ProcessMaker to store automatically all documents related to the process. The integration of ProcessMaker and KnowledgeTree has provided GESI with additional document access control functions, document versioning, advanced searching capabilities and other document management features.




  • Increased information security by providing GESI direct control of who can access and alter specific documents.
  • Increased transparency by tracking and reporting on case progress, thus allowing GESI to find and correct bottlenecks in the workflow.



  • Decreased time necessary for each case, due to automatic case initiation via email, the automation of numerous tasks, the elimination of redundant analysis, and the automatic creation of reports.
  • Decreased potential for human error by automatically creating relevant reports with the research information.

Process Maker
ProcessMaker is developed by Colosa Inc., a developer of software solutions that enable companies to simplify workflow through the capture and automation of business processes.
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