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How ProcessMaker helped UMSA to automate the approvals and distribution of diplomas to the appropriate students

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University Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) is the largest public university in Bolivia with over 75,000 students. In addition to providing diplomas to all its own undergraduate and graduate students, UMSA also issues diplomas to high school and private university students.  The sheer magnitude of diplomas that had to be issued created an immense administrative obstacle.  In addition, a diploma request had to be approved by between 8 to13 administrators before it could be issued to a student.  ProcessMaker automated the gathering of necessary information, formatting of information, obtaining the approvals and distributing the diplomas to the appropriate students.


Pain Points

  • Students requesting a diploma filled out a paper form that was physically passed around to over 8 administrators and faculty members for approval.
  • All the requests and approvals had to be kept on-file in a physical location.
  • The approval process took between 1 to 3 months, without students ever knowing where their application was within the process.



  • High School Diploma Process: Students request a diploma by filling out personal information directly in ProcessMaker. ProcessMaker routes the information electronically to between 8 and 13 people for information verification and approval. Once all the necessary approvals have been received, ProcessMaker generates the diploma itself.
  • Three Additional Diploma Processes: ProcessMaker customized the above process to issue diplomas to Undergraduate, Graduate and Private School Students.
  • Internal Correspondence: Distributes incoming e-mails to a single person or multiple people according to the instructions of the University receptionists.


Additional Features / Customizations

When a faculty member or administrator finds a mistake, ProcessMaker automatically sends an email to the student with the appropriate directions to fix the mistake.  The ProcessMaker team created this feature to meet UMSA's requirements.





  • Increased transparency of Diploma Process since ProcessMaker allows any student to check the exact step where the application can be found.
  • Increased efficiency by automatically channeling the appropriate information and documents to the appropriate people instead of physically transferring and tracking the numerous documents involved in an application.



  • Decreased physical storage since ProcessMaker electronically stores all the information, verification and approval forms.
  • Decreased workload for busy administrators and faculty members by automatically generating and requesting e-mails if certain information is false or missing.

Process Maker
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best grammar app

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