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How Progress solution helps MAXIMUS to help others throughout the process of establishing, maintaining, and renewing their healthcare coverage.

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“Helping Government Serve the People”—that’s the MAXIMUS mission. So when Medicaid, the Children’s Health  Insurance Program (CHIP) and other health and human services (HHS) clients continued to confront budget restrictions in the face of growing demands, MAXIMUS helped them find a cost-effective solution. As a premier global provider of HHS, MAXIMUS offered innovative leadership in the use of technology to tame the runaway costs of administering these vital services.


MAXIMUS replaced its custom process monitoring solutions with Progress® Savvion® BusinessManager BPM in order to maintain the firm’s leadership position in providing call center, program enrollment, and application processing expertise to HHS clients. The Progress solution helps MAXIMUS help others throughout the process of establishing, maintaining, and renewing their healthcare coverage.


The Challenge


How do you innovate to drive efficiency and keep costs low while maintaining (and even improving) your legendary customer service?  “It comes down to process,” says Randall Riefel, SVP and Director of Operations Research for MAXIMUS. “It is vital to have malleable forecasting and planning management processes that allow us to manage effectively and react to changes in volume,” he continues. To do that, the processes deployed by MAXIMUS must be well-defined, well-managed, and completely transparent.


With regulations and agency needs constantly evolving, the company’s clients were looking for business processes that were flexible enough to align easily with changing requirements. MAXIMUS had relied on a proprietary process monitoring solution for years, believing its custom approach was agile, cost-effective, and more relevant to its business needs. But the global firm came to realize that without a standard framework it was recreating from scratch the processes and procedures for each of its regional projects and determined that a BPMS-based approach would help them deliver more for less and improve overall program performance.


The Solutions


MAXIMUS designs efficient and innovative business processes for its clients, so choosing the right BPMS was critical to the organization’s continued success. After extensive due diligence, the firm chose Progress Savvion from a group of three finalists including Software AG and Lombardi. “The vision Progress shared with us about what a BPM was and could be was by far the most important factor in our choice of Savvion,” explains Riefel. And while MAXIMUS wanted a framework for design time and process execution, their frequent use of state assets meant that a proprietary application server was a no-go. “We needed an extremely modular BPMS tool,” says Riefel, “which made Savvion a perfect fit.”


Less than two years after deploying Savvion, MAXIMUS is already using its BPM solution to manage several programs for the State of Texas and recently launched a second program to administer state healthcare programs in Colorado. In awarding the contract to MAXIMUS, the Colorado Department of Human Services—a $2.2 billion agency with responsibility for the state’s HHS, mental health, developmental disability assistance, juvenile corrections, and veterans’ nursing home networks—noted that the Progress-based technical solution was “superior, particularly the tracking and reporting software.”


Progress Software
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