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How RunMyProcess and Google Apps helped Call center for builds incident management system

Submitted by runmyprocess on Sun, 2011-11-20 21:03

Euraxo is a French call center with facilities in Poitiers and the Paris region. It has a capacity of 160 operators and employs 100 full-time staff. Started in 2009, Euraxo is a fast growing company that prides itself on flexible and reactive operations.




Euraxo had recently won a major contract with a well-known travel company to handle rail ticketing operations, with over 3,000 tickets managed daily. It wanted to create an online workflow for handing system incidents, such as problems with ticketing and accommodations or system problems. Since operators hot desk between workstations, it was essential the solution be available from any computer. Each incident opens a ticket that is escalated through the workflow until resolved. Euraxo had looked at several off-the-shelf solutions, but found them to be too complicated.




Euraxo chose instead to develop a custom workflow for the customer using RunMyProcess. Since the company was already using Google Sites to manage customer document, RunMyProcess’s smooth integration with Google Apps was very appealing. RunMyProcess conducted three days of training for Euraxo’s team of developers, who then went and built the application in just a few days.




Now operators log incidents using an online web form. The data is automatically entered into a Google spreadsheet. The data is also fed into the company’s Qlickview business intelligence solution. Access to data is restricted according to user groups (users, quality managers and management). Euraxo was impressed with the speed and simplicity of developing the solution using RunMyProcess. Today, the solution enables Euraxo to smoothly handle incidents, which has contributed directly customer satisfaction. In addition, the flexibility of the solution also makes it suitable for use with other customers.



  • Google Apps Integration
  • Data Integration with Qlickview
  • Profile based access control
  • Training

Started in 2007, RunMyProcess develops and operates a Cloud-based platform that lets organizations design, run and manage business processes with no hardware, no software or no coding
best grammar app

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