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How RunMyProcess helped Automotive supplier Treves to speeds up key HR process workflow

Submitted by runmyprocess on Sat, 2012-01-07 20:01

Treves Group is an automotive supplier specialized in the design, manufacture, and supply of car interiors. Its products include acoustics, thermal, aerodynamic shields for engine compartments, interior trims, door panels, seats and seat components, and covering materials. The company employs 6,200 people worldwide and operates in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Americas




Treves had recently migrated from Lotus Notes to Google Apps to increase productivity and reduce costs. By migrating to a cloud solution, the IT department freed itself from server maintenance, upgrade management and compatibility issues. But before it could begin migrating Lotus Notes workflow applications, Treves needed to find a cloud platform that was 100% compatible with Google Apps. It decided to test RunMyProcess by creating a brand new workflow application.


Treves opted to automate the manual workflow used for approving hiring requests. It was a key workflow for the company because the paper version was hindering the company on making good on its promise to increase the rate of internal hiring. The existing paper-based system was slow and cumbersome. Forms were shared manually; documents would get lost (nearly 20% of them). There was no automatic tracking or an established process across the company. Furthermore, group headquarters didn’t have sufficient visibility of the hiring processes used by international operations.




The Treves IT team built a brand new workflow application. They worked closely with line managers to spec the application in order to give the new tool the flexibility the managers needed. Now, line managers can submit a hiring request using a simple web form; the request is then routed automatically through the various steps of approval process. When approved, the new position is added to a Google Spreadsheet. The solution was deployed first in France and then in the international offices since the worldwide Google Apps deployment completed (January 2011).




The new HR workflow application with RunMyProcess gives Treves management a clear view of the number of job openings in the company. It has accelerated the decision and approval process from 4 weeks to just 10 days on average. It also lets the Human Resources Department track the hiring process and job openings.


As a result, it has increased internal mobility by making it easier to match open positions with internal candidates. The arrival of the new workflow has been met with enthusiasm. As the HR Director of one of the international offices said: “Congratulations for this very good tool. It is extremely useful for managing our local and international hiring process”.


Finally, thanks to the successful deployment Treves will be migrating more of its existing Lotus Notes workflows to the RunMyProcess platform. It will also be used for new workflow developments.

Started in 2007, RunMyProcess develops and operates a Cloud-based platform that lets organizations design, run and manage business processes with no hardware, no software or no coding
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