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How RunMyProcess helped Major retailer in implementing time saving workflows with supplier network

Submitted by runmyprocess on Sun, 2012-01-22 12:23

A large French chain of garden centers wanted to simplify one of its most time-consuming tasks: collecting sales information and calculating supplier discounts. Depending on sales volumes, the retailer was eligible for discounts from suppliers.




With over 200 stores and over 350 suppliers the task of collecting sales records was laborious. Stores ordered directly from the suppliers. The only way to track sales was to have suppliers report their sales per store. This was done by shuttling an Excel file back and forth via email, and then compiling the results by hand. Unsurprisingly, this process was prone to errors and delays, not to mention it annoyed suppliers.




At first the retailer considered installing a central ERP system, which would have required each store to have a VPN connection. This approach was judged to be too expensive and complicated to implement. Instead, the garden center opted to use Google Apps.


The initial idea was to share the spreadsheet with stores using Google Docs. But after further examination, the retailer decided that it wanted to create an entire online workflow using Google Apps and Google Docs. That’s when it turned to RunMyProcess.


Using RunMyProcess, the retailer built an automated workflow. Each month, the stores receives an email containing a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet. They download the spreadsheet as an Excel file, fill it out, and upload it again via Google Docs. As soon as the spreadsheet is returned, it is checked and automatically compiled with the figures from the other store.




The project has been a resounding success. First, the workflow provides complete process visibility. The retailer knows which stores have downloaded the spreadsheet and uploaded it. It knows when it has been approved. Reminders are triggered automatically.


Second, the RunMyProcess solution required no additional investment in IT infrastructure like servers, VPN or ERP software. The stores can access the files using a simple web browser. Third, by cutting in half the data processing and error handling time, the RunMyProcess workflow has freed up the equivalent of one full-time employee and has virtually stamped out data entry errors. When mistakes are detected, they are resolved more quickly than before.


Building on the success of this project, the retailer quickly implemented another RunMyProcess solution. This time around it created a human resources supervision tool that enables the head office to track key staffing numbers. The stores report monthly using a similar Google Docs spreadsheet-based solution. It is also in the process of rolling out a more ambitious HR workflow for handling seasonal job contracts. RunMyProcess has enabled this retailer to generate operational effieciencies in many areas with minimal financial investment and resources.

Started in 2007, RunMyProcess develops and operates a Cloud-based platform that lets organizations design, run and manage business processes with no hardware, no software or no coding
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