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How RunMyProcess helped University to teach Business Process Management

Submitted by runmyprocess on Sat, 2011-11-19 20:02

The University of Georgia (USA) teaches Business Process Management courses to both undergraduates studying in the Management of Information Systems (MIS) program and to MBA students as an elective course. 

In a given semester UG teaches BPM courses to approximately 125 undergraduates (in three sections) and 30 MBAs.




One of the challenges in teaching BPM is that while it is relatively easy to teach modeling and simulation—and assign the students hands-on exercises to test their understanding—teaching about the execution of processes once they are developed is much more difficult. This is because most BPM systems require a strong software development background and extensive product training.




RunMyProcess enables the University of Georgia to give students the experience of modeling processes, executing them and reviewing activity monitoring reports: the complete BPM life-cycle. RunMyProcess also has many external services available that are already configured. This allows processes to interface to outside (mostly cloud based) services very easily.




The University of Georgia recommends feels strongly that RunMyProcess is well suited to both teaching and in pilot programs in companies. BPM pilot projects with RunMyProcess can involve both business and technical people--often a major challenge for more established BPM vendors. In many situations, RunMyProcess could be an ideal tool for redesigning and automating a process. As Marie-Claude Bourdreau, Associate professor and MIS Graduation Coordinator says: “We’re beginning a new semester and are looking forward to using RMP in our BPM classes! .... So, let me first say that we (faculty and students) are still quite thrilled to use it. Turns out to be the students' favorite part of the entire class!”



  • Cloud Based
  • Cloud services integration 
  • Fast set up
  • Intuitive interface

Started in 2007, RunMyProcess develops and operates a Cloud-based platform that lets organizations design, run and manage business processes with no hardware, no software or no coding
best grammar app

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