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How RunMyProcess uses its own platform to revamp the trial period sign-up process, boosting new customer conversions

Submitted by runmyprocess on Wed, 2012-02-08 16:49

At RunMyProcess we wanted to increase the conversion rate during the trial period. We also wanted to do a better job of activating accounts and tracking user feedback. We were using a semi-automated system and two SaaS applications that weren’t talking to each other. Reporting was done manually.




When a new customer would register for a free trial, an account was created on the RunMyProcess platform and in Zoho. Via the platform automated emails were sent to trial users, but open and click-through rates were not tracked.


Customer sign-up information didn’t allow for segmentation; there was no way to automatically tell if the trial user was a potential corporate customer or an integration partner. As a result, the lists of new customers had to be vetted by hand and all trial users received the same emails. Finally, the existing system didn’t know when a trial user had signed up to be a fully-fledged customer.




We decided to integrate Zoho and Mailchimp into a unified business process, using the connectors and report generation tools available from the RunMyProcess platform.


First, the trial period sign-up form was updated to make it easier to identify prospective end-users and prospective integration partners. A new process was designed to detect trial projects that could benefit from help from RunMyProcess integration partners. These leads are then integrated into another application on the RunMyProcess platform that attributes them to channel partners.


Sign-up information was unified for use by both Zoho and Mailchimp. Now, Zoho automatically segments trial users and Mailchimp sends out emails based on this segmentation. The new emails contain content customized to the user’s profile. The content is designed to foster the activation of trial accounts: it includes links to tutorials, webcasts and other learning resources.


The  new  business  process  automatically  monitors  trial  accounts,  measuring  conversion  to  paid  accounts  and  activity  levels.  It automatically  stops  sending  trial-user  emails  to  converted  accounts.  It  also  sends  out  surveys  using  another  SaaS  application and  collects  results  to  users  at  the  end  of  the  trial  period.

Trial  user  metrics  and  survey  results  are  shared  automatically  by  the  system  with  the  sales  and  R&D teams  in  order  to  improve  the  sales  process  and  optimize  the  RunMyProcess  platform.






Started in 2007, RunMyProcess develops and operates a Cloud-based platform that lets organizations design, run and manage business processes with no hardware, no software or no coding
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