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How to send SMS notification through your BPM Tool

Submitted by anand on Fri, 2011-09-23 21:59

Business processes often need SMS notifications in many scenarios. The notification can be to the client or Administrator or the BPM user.

This article assumes you have a BPM tool which is Java based. I will be explaining you how you can create and adapter which sends SMS notification.


Step 1: Initial Requirement

To send SMS through Java code we need have following pre requisites:-

(note:- assuming that we will be sending SMS which would URL based.)

  • Buy a sms pack (bundle), following comes along with the bundle:-
    • The URL, which is called through the code
    • User name provided my the SMS provider
    • Password
    • The parameter format


Step 2: Determine the Interface

Determine how the SMS code needs to interact with the Business Process. A typical scenario would be to have an adapter which does that for you. Have the right setters and getters and then the worker method which can do that for you.


package com.constonline.utils.sms;


public class MySMSAdapter {


      private String mobileName;

      private String message;


      public String getMobileName() {

            return mobileName;



      public void setMobileName(String mobileName) {

            this.mobileName= mobileName;



      public String getMessage() {

            return message;



      public void setMessage(String message) {

            this.message= message;





Step 3: The Worker Method

The worker method is the method which will act as SMS sender.  In this example we are assuming sendSMS () is the worker method.  From your BPM process you would need to instantiate this class, call the setters and then the generate method. For a tool like Savvion Business manager it can be done very easily by including your adapter in the process model.


Here is what you need to do in your Worker method

  • Create the URL as provided my the SMS provider
  • Set the required attributes such as username, password etc..
  • Add mobile number and message
  • At last it a simple java URL call


package com.constonline.utils.sms;











public class SMSSender {


       * The parameters as provided by the SMS provider. Note:- It is not

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