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How ultimus helped Bernstein Safe solutions in its Customer Product Request Process

Submitted by Ultimus on Sat, 2011-11-26 15:14

Bernstein AG, established in 1947 and headquartered in Porta Westfalica, Germany builds and sells components and systems for industrial automation peripherals used in elevators and escalators, doors and gates. Dependable innovations from the company's main portfolio of switches, sensors and enclosures guarantee safety for operators, machines and processes. The company provides a widespread spectrum of Safe Solutions to customers in the whole of Europe and overseas. Today, Bernstein employs 500 people in seven bases worldwide and has managed the jump into the 21st century.


Successful New Thinking

Many companies try to distinguish themselves from their competition through quality and price. Though, in order to remain competitive in the future, it needs more than providing high quality products at a cheap rate. In the new millennium it is rather the time that has taken a leading role among the critical success factors. Particularly in the developed nations, time has become a much scarcer good as money. Following this trend, customers are willing to pay more for a product, if the shipping time is minimal or non-existent. Especially when placing an order, this phenomenon can be observed. The shorter the shipping time, the higher is the probability of closing a deal


Also Bernstein saw itself confronted with the task to prepare the company for the future. In 1999, the individual enterprises were combined within the Bernstein AG. The reorganization of the enterprise group was completed 2001 when all administration departments were pooled in Porta Westfalica. Along with these changes, the business processes had to be adjusted in order to fit the newly structured company and also improving them continuously became an important task. These activities aimed on securing not only quality leadership, even more realizing cost advantages. Within a real-time enterprise, order placement and shipment occur nearly simultaneously. Many processes though comprise unnecessary time lags. Reducing delays in critical business processes ever further on the basis of current information in order to conduct them ideally with zero latency, is essential to the health of any company..


Bernstein soon discovered additional room for improvement. Further automation of processes would result in reduced time lags and would reveal optimization potential. Through this, not only time and money could be saved, but also the strategic competitive position could be improved, delivering excellent customer service at minimum time. These ideas induced Bernstein's board of directors beginning 2002 to assign the task of selecting and implementing a flexible, web based business process management system to the information management department of the company.


Participating Employees

Bernstein tried to realize multifarious goals with the Business Process Management product far beyond existing demands, like transparency and control of the operations, reduction of throughput time and costs of modeled business processes and the integration into existing and future systems and technologies. Also departments should be able to implement their processes on their own, and not, as usually, the IT department. This basic approach has one central advantage: Value can be much easier and faster created in departments, as only they know all improvement potential and can implement them in an optimal way. During realization of the project, Bernstein identified many further positive effects and synergies. The employee's understanding of the dependencies within the companies entire process chain, were improved through their participation in the take-up and optimization of their own processes. The project was deployed even better and faster as expected and the usual dependencies and costs for external service providers could be extremely reduced.


Integration into a Heterogeneous System Landscape

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