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How Ultimus helped Northrop Grumman for Maintainance and Support Service Organization Change Requests

Submitted by Ultimus on Fri, 2011-11-11 12:24

Northrop Grumman Information Systems is a leading global provider of advanced solutions that deliver timely, enabling information to where it’s needed most for its military, intelligence, civilian, state, local and commercial customers.  Northrop Grumman is a $10 billion business employing approximately 35,000 employees with offices in 50 states and 18 countries.


Goal: Simplify complex process, improve controls, and increase visibility


The Maintenance and Support Service Organization (MSSO) requires a rigorously defined business process to track and manage change requests and resulting place of MedDRA (Medical Directory for Regulatory Activities) terms.  The process is complex, requiring the integration of several systems and close scrutiny of each step.  Challenges with the process included: 


•   Complex process- All requests require a full medical review and consensus from an international medical committee based upon strict MSSO guidelines.

•   Lack of control of information flow- The request information was passed from system to system in its path to approval with a combination of manual and automated steps along the way.  It was nearly impossible to track the status of a request in process or generate detailed reports.

•   Bottlenecks throughout process- With such a complex process, bottlenecks were unavoidable as requests flowed between systems and departments for approval.

•   Little room for error- The manual steps in the process were prone to human errors which could delay the request or even worse, result in non-compliance according to MSSO standards.


Ultimus' Approach

o manage this lengthy and complex process, MSSO uses Ultimus Workflow comprised of developer tools, a relational database, a worldwide web server, and administration utilities.  The Designer tool allows developers to graphically map business processes to the workflow.  Each step of the process is mapped and links between processes are added as defined by the order in which the process operates.  Steps may be manual or automated, and they may not be enacted until all previous steps are completed.


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