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Introduction to Event Processing in Savvion

Submitted by Abhishek on Thu, 2011-12-22 16:05

Any modern Rule based system is based on events. Event processing happens to be an elegant way of keeping track of process milestones and steps. This article tries to give an introduction to Savvion especially revolving around the BIZEVENT Table.

Bizevent is the database repository which saves the events generated by the process. Normally the fields would be Process template id, process instance id, event id, event type and a context Object. Event type shows what kind of events are normally generated. Savvion has a pretty good description of event types in their Bizpulse documentation.

This table is notorious in growing in size. Typically you should expect millions of records in this table within a few weeks of rolling out your workflow. This is probably because BIZEVENT stores a lot of information – a lot. Other than the obvious columns, the column CONTEXT_OBJ holds a snapshot of the state of the workflow when the event got generated. Information like time of event, dataslot values, process metadata all are available in this serialized Object.

What kind of events are generated?

  • Process template events – when a process is installed, removed, decommissioned
  • Process instance events – when an instance is created, completed, suspended
  • Workstep events – Workstep gets activated, completed, assigned
  • Dataslot events – Dataslot gets updated

Depending on the type of events, the fields in CONTEXT_OBJ could be different.

Abhishek Mishra
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