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Involving the right stakeholders in the Recruitment Process - by Star Express Consultants

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Our highly customizable and client friendly recruitment process starts with identification of organization culture. We would provide a team or resources who would interact with you to determine the values your organization promotes and looks for. We then move on to the actual skill set required for the opening. We are sharing this process with the community so they can benefit from from what we have learned over the years.


Our discussion would move around areas like what kind of experience and qualifications you would like ideal candidate to have. What is the domain that you would ideally prefer for the candidate to be coming from. We would also get into details like how would the organization be measuring the candidate profile – both quantitatively and qualitatively. If the candidate is supposed to work in a team we would like to know what would be his roles and responsibilities towards seniors, juniors and peers.


After the initial introduction, we will start searching for the ideal candidate. Using the huge database of resumes available to us we will try and provide you profiles as soon as possible. Sometimes if the skills are niche, we may not have enough matches in our database. In such scenarios, we would lookup candidates using referrals, candidate network, 3rd party profile agencies. Sometimes advertising and market research also is required to find the right profile.

Our short listing procedure involves discussion with the candidate, a quick expectation, availability and skill check. Once we have confirmation that it’s a positive match, we forward the profiles to your.


For the interviewing stage, we collaborate with your project teams and set up briefing and discussion sessions with the candidate. In some cases, we prefer having a telephonic first round of discussion as it is practical and less time taking. We always recommend a second round of face to face interviews of the shortlisted candidates.


Based on the personal discussion, we gather the feedback both from the organization as well as the candidate. Even if a candidate did not make it in the interview we discuss and figure out what went wrong. Sometimes it could just be a difference in expectations. This feedback is essential for us to refine and improve the Quality of Service.


The shortlisted profiles approved by the interviewing committee are sent for a thorough background verification check. In most of the cases, the level of background check required would be decided by the client. Star can assist you in going through Educational, Professional, and Reference checks. For Mission critical application which involves employees working on confidential information, we also recommend and provide assistance for Criminal Background verification checks.


The last stage involves making an offer to the candidate. We try to be as much practical and straight forward in our approach while dealing with packages. We make the candidate aware about the detailed package, benefits and compensation he/she would receive. In order to make a better expectation matching we make this discussion as open as possible.

Star Express Consultants
Star Express Consultants is a recruitment and HR process outsourcing company which can help you take care of your Recruitment Processes
best grammar app

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