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Joget Workflow - Download & Installation Instructions

Submitted by AbhaPandey on Wed, 2012-05-02 12:50

Joget workflow is now becoming very popular open source BPM product due to its great design, features and ease of use. This basic tutorial will help you get started with Joget Workflow – essentially setting it up. Installing Joget was pretty easy – I love products which have a simple wizards which do everything for you – unlike those which have huge configuration settings requiring extensive experience.

Before getting started you will need

1.        A windows based machine – Server operating system preferred

2.       Around 500 MB of disk space

Joget package comes with an inbuilt Apache Tomcat Server, MySQL and a Portal with which you do things like managing users, designing and running applications.

Joget provides two versions – Enterprise and Community. Visit to download the community edition.

On the Home Page click on the "DOWNLOAD" Option

Next you will be prompted to choose which edition. While we highly recommend choosing Enterprise Edition for the excellent support Joget has, You can choose the community edition if you just like to check out the product

Next you will be prompted to create an account for community edition

Just signup and the next page will have the download link for you.

Once downloaded you will have a setup file. Double click the same to get started.

First screen asks you to choose language. Choose english

Click Next on the Welcome Screen

You will see an End User license agreement. Joget Community comes in GNU GPL license so you can use it for your development. If you would like to get support you can switch to the Enterprise Edition

Click I Agree to continue.

Next screen asks for components you would like to include. Choose the default option of Joget Workflow, Apache Tomcat 6, Java 6, MySQL 5 and Start Menu Shortcuts

Next you will be asked about install location. Choose the location which suits you. Make sure you have at least 500 MB Free disk space wherever you are installing it. Joget Recommends about 316.4 MB.

Thats it after filecopy completes you can click finish.

After installation finishes, you will see Joget Workflow listed in your Start Menu with Four Options

1.       Start Server

2.       Stop Server

3.       Web Console

4.       Visit Website

Abha Pandey
Business Analyst, with experience in Requirement Gatherings and Business Process Consulting
best grammar app

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