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Joget Workflow - Setting Up Users, Groups and Departments – Tutorial

Submitted by Abhishek on Tue, 2012-05-08 13:23

After you have installed Joget workflow, the next step is to setup users and groups. This step by step tutorial will help you setup your Organization, Departments, Grades, Users, Groups, Reporting Hierarchy etc in your Joget echosystem. The Great part is that the user interface is highly intuitive and setting up is just a breeze.

Here is what our plan is:

Organization: Constellation
Department: Finance
Grade: Employee
Users: Abhishek
Groups: financeusers


If you have’nt downloaded and installed it yet, you can do that using instructions available at Joget Workflow – Download and Install Instructions.

Start the Server by clicking the “Start Server” Menu item in your Start menu. Once you see that server is started, open the admin console using the link http://localhost:8080/jw/web/login

If this is the first time you have installed, the default username and password are

Username: admin

Password: admin

Enter your credentials and hit Login

Login to Joget

You will see the Get Started link. Click on “Setup Users” to setup your Users/Groups departments etc.

Joget Workflow: Get started

The Next Screen asks you to setup and Organization. By default the Organization Joget.Org is setup for you.


Click on “Create New Organization”. You will be presented with a form like below:

Create New Organisation

Fill in the details and hit save. The Organization just created will form the root of your hierarchy.

As soon as the organization is created you will see additional options:

Organisation detail

Choose Create New Grade. You will be presented with a form like Below:

New Grade

Similarly you can also create grades like Employees, Managers or say M1, M2 etc.

New Grade

You can also create several groups for your use. Having groups within departments helps you divide duties and tasks.

New Gorup

Your groups will be listed like below:

Joget Worklfow: Group List

Next you can add users. Several default users are created for checking out the test processes. You can delete them or change their passwords for security. Click on Create New User to add a new user

Joget Workflow: New User

Fill up the form below which asks for several details:

Joget Workflow: User details

Once done hit save. The user will be created.

Joget Workflow: User details

At this point you can do several things:

You can assign the user to one of the already created groups

Joget Workflow: Assign groups

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