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Josh - The Italian "State Of The Art" BPM and Organization Intelligence Platform for Microsoft Sharepoint

Submitted by Josh on Wed, 2012-04-25 21:29

Market globalisation and fierce competition have made several competitive factors from the recent past less important and have transformed Intellectual Capital into the main asset of modern organizations: therefore, Knowledge has become a key factor in having a competitive edge.
Organization Intelligence shapes, develops and improves every organization’s intelligence by profiting from its governing Processes, from the Skills needed to carry out the processes, and from the Contents produced by the processes.
A strategic and across the boards approach.
Over the years it Consult, in collaboration with some of the most important players in the fields of academic research and consulting, has developed an innovative approach to Organization Intelligence that:

  • is not limited to meeting merely a single need
  • gradually implements a strategic project applicable to the entire organization through an incremental formalization of the company processes
  • is inclined to capitalize, improve and redistribute the organization’s know-how to everyone who a part of it.

What is Josh.
Josh is an integrated software platform for Organization Intelligence that works in line with the it Consult approach, making it possible to:

  • Streamline and speed up implementation, execution and monitoring of process based systems.
  • Satisfy the different needs of destructured data management (documents, processes, skills…) over time, so they can be adapted to the organization’s new needs
  • Eliminate the need for IT specialists, because it has been designed as a business oriented tool.

Josh is based on the powerful Microsoft SharePoint which uses enterprise portal characteristics: collaboration, workgroup, and most importantly, document management. Using a modern, web-based environment, the Enterprise Portal guarantees powerful integrated application functions (called web part) in a single place, independently accessible from the work station or from any device at hand.

The Microsoft SharePoint document management system differs from a traditional file system in fundamental characteristics like Versioning, Classification, Metadata and Search functions.
It is also equipped with a high level of inbred integration with Microsoft Office for maximum simplification in terms of access to the document repository.


The josh module enhances SharePoint, expanding it with tools for increasing productivity and for capitalising on Explicit Knowledge:

  • Josh Scanner: uses a scanner (ISIS and TWAIN standard) to acquire paper documents, saving and classifying them, with appropriate metadata and barcode, in the SharePoint repository
  • Automated categorization of the documents used in the processes
  • Suggestion from the experts: dynamic suggestions to the users regarding the most expert person for the current task with the option of instant-messaging.
  • Digital protocol registry and optical filing / Lawful Substitutive Conservation via the vertical solutions josh Protocol! and josh Archive!

Furthermore, Josh enables you to access Sharepoint functions and resources more rapidly and effectively.


Josh’s operation is based on a description of company processes. This means that, starting from the design of a workflow, and from the various professional figures in the company, it is possible to automatically assign tasks to the various corporate functions, indicating which documents to use and how certain operations are to be carried out.
From this standpoint, Josh makes it possible to:

Guido Bacigalupi
Since 1995, I have been experiencing in the Imaging and Document Management, Business Process Analisys, Business Process Modelling, Business Process Automation, Workflow Management and Business Intelligence solutions, in multinational american companies, market leaders, assuming, in the time, the duties of pre-sales consultant, system consultant, technical account manager, key account manager, sales executive and business development manager, with technical and sales responsibility of the customers, the indirect channel and the business partner for South Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece).
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