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Make your Savvion Applications Mobile .....

Submitted by Abhishek on Sun, 2011-11-20 19:30

SavMobify (  allows you to extend your Progress Savvion Business processes to Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Google Android & RIM Blackberry devices. It also provides a Web Based interface using which ant HTML5 compliant browser (like Google Chrome, Safari) can render you the application in native look and feel

Here are some features


Initiate and Action Processes

The Savmobify framework allows you to create new requests (like New Customer or Lead, Insurance Quote, Helpdesk ticket) as well as action (approve, reject or forward) from your mobile device. Great for Sales people, Senior Management, Field Support engineers to stay on top of their work

Extensible Framework

The Savmobify framework can be used to assemble Savvion applications without much hassles, Create native look and feel forms, interactive reports, task lists. Built with a three layer (with MVC on each layer) architecture, it allows you to expose applications and add functionality with the same ease as you would do in a web application.

Native Application + Browser

Savmobify can be used as a browser based application running on Chrome and Safari. If native access is required you can also run it using the binaries on Apple iPad, iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Android. If you want to build an application that allows you to take pictures, share phonebook you would use it in native mode.

Middleware Control

Server side controlled application. Secure your reports, forms and actions right from the centralized control panel. Expose your Processes, Create help screens with one click. The middleware allows you to define presentation templates for your views, changes getting reflected in realtime

Multiple Servers from Single App

Expose multiple servers using a single savmobify gateway. Seamless usability for end users. Use load-balancers and clustering to increase speed and performance. ZERO customization required on your existing servers.

One click installs

One click installs for simple applications. Fully customizable front end using template engine which can discover your process META Data and generate mobile code. Import processes, move content around, create rich controls like sliders, toggle buttons within seconds.

Interactive Reporting

Create reports that pull in data from Savvion as well as Non Savvion systems. Interactive drill downs and animated reports. Create and entitle dashboards, reports and search lists right from your middleware.

Secure Connectivity and Access Control

Secure connectivity between Device and middleware. No confidential data storage on device. Integrates easily with your firmwide access controls systems and helps you implement easy Access Control lists. Entitle an artifact to a user, group of users or everyone. Fine gain control over process, worksteps and reports.

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Abhishek Mishra
Good experience in working with BPM technologies like Savvion, JBPM. Founder and Chief Editor of Founder of Savvion Business Manager Mobility Framework Savmobify| View my BPMGeek Profile
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