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Is your Order Delivery Process Mobile?

Submitted by Abhishek on Fri, 2011-12-02 21:45

Business Process Management has touched almost all industries. For Logistics and Order Delivery, Business Process Management is playing an important role. This article aims to showcase how Mobile BPM capabilities can be used to automate certain aspects of a Order Delivery Process.


An Order process normally has the following:

  • Placement of an Order: This starts with the end client filling in the order details. Sometimes, you could have your order delivery process spawned by manual action or automatic processing which happens as a batch job every night. Either way, it will have details of what the order is and where it needs to be delivered.

  • Order Processing: This happens as a backend activity where the actual order is prepared for delivery and its movement from warehouse to various delivery nodes are initiated. Once this starts the client is intimated that the order is ready and is in dispatch process.

  • Movement of Order/parcel from one point to another: In this part of the process, order moves from warehouse to dispatch centers. A lot of this movement happens using Bar codes or the Modern Bar codes. Usage of Coding helps in proper movement as well as recording of movement in the system. With this the customer comes to know when he should expect the order.

  • Loading for Delivery: The Driver loads the parcel for delivery to the client. He also creates an optimized list based on addresses for delivery. Some of the orders could have a delivery SLA so the driver needs to make sure that his time spent on each delivery is divided optimally.

  • Delivery: The delivery to the client. In most of the cases, the driver would need the signature of the client as a confirmation of acceptance. A lot of Point of Delivery devices are available in the market. The driver could download the items to be dispatched every morning on the device. In the customer premise, he could take the signature on the device itself.

  • Data updation and archival: In this step the final delivery details are updated into the systems. If POD device is used, then this step means syncing it up. Otherwise, it could involve manual data updation.


Some of the areas where Mobile BPM could be helpful are:


  • Movement of Order from One Point to Another: Not sure if all of you know about it but there is a new System called QR Code (Kind of optimized Barcode) which can be used to encode information on the parcel. If you have a mobile device with a QR Code software installed, Parcel movement information and instructions can be found within seconds. While Scanning devices are available, having mobile Devices Software helps you fetch and update this information realtime.

  • Order delivery to Client: The older offline devices could be replaced with iPhones and cheaper Android devices and be used to get real time information. With a Rich UI/HTML5 based mobile framework like which allows you to extend your Savvion system to mobile, you can even take customer signature on the device and update data in real time. If required, you can even take picture of the person receiving the parcel.

Abhishek Mishra
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