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Popular BPM Blogs: Enjoy reading

Submitted by swetaanand on Fri, 2011-11-11 14:41

Business Process management blogging has some really good contributors.  Some of them have been blogging on their own blogs, online papers and corporate portals. This post is intended to appreciate their work.

Jim Sinur

Vice President, Gartner Research


Jim Sinur is a vice president in Gartner Research after a short stint with a BPM vendor. Prior to that, Mr. Sinur was with Gartner 15 years and helped establish the BPI/BPM areas at Gartner and is considered a thought leader. His research and areas of personal experience focus on business process improvement (BPI), business modeling, business process management technology (BPMT), processes for knowledge workers, process optimization business rules management (BRMS), and leveraging business applications in processes and goal-driven unstructured processes.

Perhaps the most popular name in Business Process management, some of his articles are:


Jims blog is available at




Adam Deane

Head of BPM, Casewise

Adam deane leads the Casewise’s BPM solution – Corporate Synergy and Casewise’s Corporate Synergy Competence Centre.

Having gone through a large number of BPM lifecycle roles: from presales, proof-of-concept, product training, process design, project management, technical design and process implementation his knowledge on BPM is incredible. As per him“I enjoy blogging. It’s a great creative outlet. It enables me to tinker with ideas. It forces me to sit down and research BPM related subjects, write about them, and then follow up on the feedback – “the ultimate Petri dish for ideation and innovation”.

You can read his articles here is where you can read his blogs

Some of his interesting articles are


Sandy Kemsley

BPM/ECM/Enterprise 2.0 girl geek. Implementing BPM systems, and blogging about what's new in the BPM space.

Sandy is an independent analyst and systems architect, specializing in business process management, Enterprise 2.0, enterprise architecture and business intelligence. In addition to her technical background, she has worked on the business operations end of projects, and often involved from business requirements and analysis through technology design and deployment.

Sandy does private consulting practice as a BPM architect, performing engagements for financial services and insurance organizations across North America, and also helps as an analyst working with BPM vendors. She also creates and delivers BPM and related training courses.

Her Blog is available at and her paper can be read at

Some of her Interesting posts are:



Scott Francis

Co-founder and CTO of BP3, a business process company Interested in Tech, Apple, Startups, Austin, good food.

Having been in Software business for over 15 years, Scott started BP3, a business process consulting firm focused on both process improvement and process implementation. Scott is an active blogger and tweets on BPM. He believes in achieving business process excellence within organizations using an integrated view of the people, processes, and technology along with an open-minded approach to find the right solutions.

Some of his interesting articles are

His blog is available at


Doug Turner

BPM Consultant / PRPC LSA / Principal Consultant with Rulesware. Recently engaged, loves traveling, and dogs. One day I will sail the world!

Doug is a BPM Consultant & Lead System Architect specializing in Business Process Management / Business Rule Engine system strategy, design, and implementation. He has project experience at multiple Fortune 500 client sites. As per Doug “The beautiful thing about BPM is that it not only applies to improving your software application processes, but when you apply the same techniques to your design and development processes by leveraging a COE or Best Practices Team, your area can affect change in a positive manner and drive results for business clients.”

Doug’s BPM Paper is available at




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Sweta Anand
Business Process Analyst with experience in Investment Banking, Customer Support and operations. Has done Process documentation and standardization for several organizations
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