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What are the types of Business Processes

Submitted by swetaanand on Wed, 2011-09-07 22:02

In this dynamic and highly competitive world, business conditions change every day, there should be a system which meets up with the requirements and quickly adapts to the needs of business. — From pure-play startups to integration vendors to large IT infrastructure and packaged apps vendors, everyone needs some or the other system which improves the quality of end-to-end processes, improves and supports the visibility and continuous improvement of the processes.  Different BPMS suite, Cater to the above mentioned need of the business.


Factors to be considered while selection of BPM tools

Every organization runs with its own style and rules. Therefore every business is different and so are the BPM tools. Once the business decides to have BPM tool in the organization, it’s really confusing and challenging task for them to decide on the type of BPM tool to be implemented.  While selecting the right BPM tools there are different factors which should be kept in mind.


  • First of all business needs to assess the current processes running within the organization and identify their major characteristics.
  • Selection of such a project which can increase the overall return on investment (ROI) of the business,  unit cost reduction, improve customer satisfaction, and improve end-to-end process cycle time.
  • Selection of such a project which should have major positive impact on the business, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business, be within the budget, and can be easily quantified and measured accurately.
  • Asking scenario specific questions like does the process involve mainly people, documents, decisions etc or does most of the action happens behind the scenes and from system-to-system?
  • Evaluating the characteristics of the process to determine the best product category.


There are two major types of processes which could play a major role in selecting the particular type of BPMS suite: Human-centric processes and system-centric processes.


Human-intensive processes

In such processes there is a lot of interaction and involvement of people in each step of the business application – people talking to databases, documents and other people. They require human judgment and intuitions for decision making during individual steps of the business process. Examples of human-centric processes include


  • Claims processing
  • Loan approvals
  • Accounts payable
  • Mortgage origination
  • Customer service
  • Travel requests
  • Purchase requests
  • Work submitted by insurance agents and adjusters

If you notice these predominantly deal with routing of work from one individual to another and support how each person will interact with that piece of work. This type of process does not generally incorporate many systems into the work flow


Sweta Anand
Business Process Analyst with experience in Investment Banking, Customer Support and operations. Has done Process documentation and standardization for several organizations
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