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What do you need to run Savvion?

Submitted by Abhishek on Tue, 2012-02-14 16:22

This article intends to showcase the supported platforms which can be used with Savvion Business Manager. This should be helpful for those who wish to decide if Savvion can run on their technology stack. Please note these have been put together for Savvion Business Manager 7.6. Your requirements could vary based on your Savvion version



Having better server hardware definitely helps. Normally you would need at least three boxes for Development, User Acceptance and Production Environment. If you plan to implement clustering your hardware needs might increase. Also note the recommendations below are for a typical production environment. For Development environments you can very well use cheaper and slower machines.


Minimum Requirements

 Recommended By Vendor

BPM Geek recommendation



Pentium IV 1GHz or

UltraSPARC-III 900 MHz

Dual CPU Pentium IV 1GHz & up or

Dual CPU UltraSPARC-III 900 MHz and up

Quad Core Duo Processor 2.66 GHz or better.

Faster is better. Please note your licensing might depend on this





Having more memory will help in getting better server performance

Free disk space


2 GB and above. Depending on the application

server you are using, you may need additional

free disk space.

40 GB if you have the database on the same server

Attachments, Event information etc could fill up really fast. It’s better to have adequate Storage available




CD-ROM or DVD Reader


Virtual Memory

Twice the memory

Twice the Memory

Twice the memory

Virtual memory could help solve caching problems. If you can afford RAM nothing like it, otherwise have adequate Virtual memory





Software Requirements             

Given below are the software requirements for Savvion



Most Popular

Operating System

MS Windows Server 2003 Standard/Enterprise R2

Solaris, AIX, and Linux

Windows XP

MS Windows Server 2003 Standard/Enterprise R2

Red Hat linux installations are also pretty popular

Application Server

Pramati 6.0 SP4 (embedded in BusinessManager)

WebLogic 10.3.0

WebSphere or WebSphere

JBoss Community Edition 5.1 (embedded in Business Manager)

and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.0.1

A number of companies use Pramati as it is very fast and comes embedded. JBoss Enterprise Server has also picked up recently. WebLogic is also popular. My personal favorite is Pramati as It just works out of the box with no hassles.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or above

Mozilla FireFox 3.6 or above

Internet Explorer although Firefox is my personal favorite


Oracle 10g, Oracle 10g

Express Edition, and Oracle 11g

Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

IBM DB2 9.5

Lot of people use SQL Server and Oracle. I have also come across a custom version here Sybase was supported. We wish MySQL was supported as well. I think recently patches have Open Edge Database integration as well


JDK 1.5/1.6

J2EE 1.3/1.4

JDK 1.6 is most popular. J2EE normally gets available based on your application server

User Management

Microsoft Active directory

Sun Java System Directory



LDAP happens to be most popular. Although some companies prefer to have their custom Realms based on organizational policies

Mail Server

SMTP/POP3 Mail Server authenticated/Non Authenticated

Microsoft Exchange Server

Any Server which exposes SMTP/POP3 works


Popular Stacks

Based on my experience, the following types of Technology stacks are most popular for Savvion Business Manager



Red Hat Linux Stack

Red Hat Enterprise Server

Pramati Application Server

Sybase Database


SSO using Site minder/Kerberos

Windows 2000 with Weblogic

Windows 2003 R2

Weblogic Application Server

Oracle Database

Database Realm

Windows 2000 with JBoss

Windows 2003 R2

JBoss Enterprise Application Server

MS SQL Server Database

Active Directory Authentication

SSO Using Netegrity

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