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What does Native BPMN 2.0 mean?

Submitted by admin on Sun, 2012-08-05 15:18

Roubroo is the only native BPMN 2.0 engine build from the ground up to support BPMN 2.0 execution semantics. Real life business processes are complex and often not well structured. Most tools force the analysts to convert these “real business processes” to “structured business process”, this “one-size fits all” approach results in loss of true process semantics. Let’s take a look at the following example of loan flow, the boxes colored in red represent one of the paths taken by one of the process instances.
Most BPMS Suites supporting BPMN 2.0 will prevent users from creating this business process. Instead they would force the users to draw a well structured business process like this:
This second process is:

  • Cumbersome and huge;
  • Nowhere near the actual business process as envisaged by the business analyst;
  • Treats the business analyst like a programmer with required knowledge of programming concepts.

These problems are all manifestation of tool vendors trying to convert a process graph
into a well structured tree to comply with their algorithmic limitations. This is counter
intuitive and adds impedance to adoption of BPM as a concept, often leading to failure of
the entire BPM initiative.

Roubroo addresses this issue for the benefit of the business user community. It’s a native graph
oriented process engine with the patent pending unique ability to ensure tracking of tokens through any “possible” path.
Here are the top reasons for considering Roubroo:

  1. Native BPMN 2.0 engine, WYDIWYE, what you draw is what you execute.
  2. Built from the ground up to support token flow semantics specified in the BPMN 2.0 specification.
  3. No translation of BPMN to another execution language, or engine thereof.
  4. Built for SaaS from the ground up.
  5. Adaptive business processes incorporated in the DNA of the server.

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