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Outside-In Dashboard (a.k.a. OIDash) is a web-based dashboard that will help you to capture and document the results of your Customer Expectation Management Method™ workshops. The tool is designed to help you to share your process diagnostics with other people in your organization. It gives you a simple way to document the workshop results in such a form that you can continue to work them via Internet. In Outside-In Dashboard you can have users who review your workshop results or share the process diagnostics with all the necessary peers. You can also estimate your organization's state with ORCA, Process Performance Landscape and other advanced features.


What does it offer for you?

As a Certified Process Practitioner you know the Outside-In concepts of Successful Customer Outcome, Moment of Truth, Breakpoints and Business Rules. Through Outside-In Dashboard you can review and document the results of CEM Method™ workshops. You can have read-only rights for reviewing the results or edit rights for also modifying the information. OIDash will give you easy way to share the information amongst Process Practitioners in your organization.


As a Certified Process Master you know more about advanced concepts like Process Performance Landscape and ORCA. Outside-In Dashboard helps you to use these concepts to take your organization even further on Customer Expectation Management. You are the master of your organization in advancing the concrete success in business. Outside-In Dashboard will enable you to easily share the information between your colleagues and peers. You will have all the rights to input the information related to your organization and give free read-only rights to other people in your organization.


What does it look like?

Who currently uses the CEM Method™?

Many of the world’s leading companies are currently using the Outside-In thinking and CEM Method™ to improve their business. Finance industry examples include: Zurich, Lloyds, Citi, HSBC, Santander, Barclays, American Express and NAB. Other good examples are BMW, Bentley, State Farm and Zara.


How can I find out more?

More information can be found at and latest Certified Process Professional training dates from You can find the Outside-In Dashboard from
We are here for you and your organization! Helping your organization and you to succeed!Challenge the old industrial-way of doing business and change your way of working forever with Outside-In philosophy and CEM Method™. To achieve great success, you need to make smart choices. The best know-how, an open-minded attitude, skilled people, and the right techniques will take your organization to the 21st century! By partnering with us, you will be able to make the right moves towards increasing revenue, lowering costs, improving customer service and create significant competitive advantage on your respective market area. Let’s produce tangible results for your organization and you together. We are here to help your organization and you to succeed!
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