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Blueworks Live gives you the real-time visibility into how work gets done around your organization. As a manager, you will be able to see who is working each task and where they are in the process. You’ll also have the ability to reassign work to make sure that deadlines are met. As a process participant, you can easily see what work is coming your way, search for work that you have already done and choose to follow what’s happening with the work that involves you. Blueworks Live delivers the insight everyone needs to focus on the most “value add” activities.

Where your company goes to work

IBM Blueworks Live is a safe and secure private community accessible from any Internet browser—with no software to install or maintain. With Blueworks Live, anyone in your organization can work on the same process in real time from any-where in the world. You will be able to document processes, as well as build, run and participate in Process Apps quickly and easily using simple templates for checklists or approvals. Even the best business process management (BPM) suites take 90 days to release a Process App—with Blueworks Live you are just 90 seconds away from improving the way you work.



Process made easy

Blueworks Live brings a simple, no-hassle method to process documentation and discovery. Blueworks Live was designed with everyone in your organization in mind; it’s easy enough for novices to build a simple Process App, yet feature-rich enough for experts to model and analyze even the most complex processes by creating a Process Blueprint. If you can build a bulleted list in your favorite word processor, you can use BlueworksLive. With Blueworks Live, every employee, partner and supplier has the ability to participate in making your business run better.

Continue to learn, from your processes and from your people

The new process social

Social Networking meets BPM in Blueworks Live. Built-in communication features (such as instant messaging, live news feed sand the ability to comment on each other’s work) enable you to react immediately to process changes that impact your projects. In addition to building your own organizational knowledge repository through the processes you build and the information you share, you gain instant access to Blueworks Live’s expert community of process and industry know-how, making it possible for you to generate great ideas and buy-in for your own BPM program. With these enhanced collaboration features, Blueworks Live provides your team with a smarter, faster way to improve your business processes.

Gain understanding of your complex processes.

Blueworks Live makes it easy to develop complete Process Apps for your simple processes—but it can also help you make sense of even the most complex ones. The advanced analysis capabilities of Blueworks Live give you insight into how your process is performing and which systems are impacted. Because you are now collaborating with your whole organization in a secure private community, you will be able to break down the process silos to achieve alignment and consensus throughout your organization. When you are ready to take these complex processes to the next level, the Process Blueprints within Blueworks Live seamlessly flow into the rest of the IBM®WebSphere®BPM suite.

Process improvement is everybody’s business. Where do you fit in?

Business user

Business users have a single view to follow work assigned to them, to track work that they care about, or to kick off new work. They can complete a step within a process by filling out a very simple form or they can choose to reject that budget request, and they can comment upon and even reassign the work to ensure it gets done on time and at the level they expect. Business users can view their team’s process activity, make com-ments and ask for help—and they can do all this without the need to call on IT for assistance.

Project manager

Project managers can configure and run simple processes for their groups without IT involvement. They can get the status of their team’s work at a glance, without sending emails or making phone calls. Project managers now have confidence that their teams won’t miss deadlines, with built-in support for due date sand notifications.

Business analyst

Business analysts can blueprint all processes in a single system and easily share the blueprints with their team. They can now use an interactive stream to see a summary of process changes, view feedback from others, and make comments. Business analysts can browse and use process templates based on industry and process best practices and they can feel confident that every individual who depends on a particular process is instantly informed of any changes that might be made.

Process Center of Excellence (COE) leader

Process COE leaders have insight into processes that in the past were manual and can better identify process problem areas. They can ensure that all the process knowledge within the organization gets stored and managed in a single repository in a standardized way—it will never again be out-of-date. Process COE leaders can easily communicate best practices and process strategy internally, while learning from the larger public community and leveraging prebuilt process templates from recognized industry standardization entities.

“Everyone is engaged in the process and people are participating; it’s really worked out very well …This is as easy as it looks.”

best grammar app

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