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Confiance is a global provider of business transformation solutions for commercial and government agencies. Confiance provides a comprehensive approach to Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Process Based Execution through a combination of consulting, education, and technology that allows organizations to be more efficient, agile, and improve service to customers and citizens. Confiance is recognized by its Global 500 and government customers as a trusted partner that helps implement change in order to achieve better business results.

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Confiance's clients include Global 1000 companies and government agencies. They seek to partner with us to make their organizations more efficient and competitive. Confiance builds and maintains strong client relationships through repeatedly delivering tangible results. Our notoriety stems from our collaborative approach with our clients to achieve shared goals.

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Confiance provides holistic BPM services to help understand, analyze, realize and govern organizations through process orientation


The primary reason for developing an enterprise architecture is to support the business by providing the fundamental technology and process structure for an IT strategy. This in turn makes IT a responsive asset for a successful modern business strategy


Today’s competitive environment requires businesses to flexible, which means that organizations must be able to effectively execute to rapidly changing strategy. The key to successful execution lies in its processes being flexible, the supporting applications and infrastructure need to change dynamically and rapidly. SOA provides this agility.

The right technology platform helps deliver and sustain the results of business transformation. We offer comprehensive services in ARIS, Oracle and SAP

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By Definition BPM is enormous and can be overwhelming in today’s large, complex organizations. Some common challenges faced by all organizations:

  • Difficulty selling the vision
  • Trying to be all things to all people
  • Paralysis by analysis
  • Not knowing where to begin

Consequently, Confiance has developed a standard, repeatable & practical approach to bridge the gap to realization. It is explained in below diagram:-


To successfully implement Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Services Oriented Architecture initiatives and enable their respective Technology Platforms, a comprehensive education and training program is instrumental to achieving and sustaining success. These education and training solutions are delivered through a combination of onsite training, mentorship and e-Learning. Leveraging the appropriate blend of these services provides the right solution to meet your specific needs.

Confiance partners with its client to customize and configure offerings to deliver relevant training.

best grammar app

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