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DynaFlow is a leading provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) / Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Workflow Automation Solutions (WFM). DynaFlow enables global companies to become “Simply in Control” by proactively managing enterprise risks, demonstrating compliance and automating and optimizing business processes. Established in 1997, DynaFlow pioneered in the area of Business Process Modeling and Knowledge Management and is dedicated to providing its clients a fast ROI through a short and structured implementation.



Key Solution Differentiators


DynaFlow as a company differentiates itself by its long and successful track record in Business Process and Knowledge Management, Workflow Automation and Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Management. Further DynaFlow is very proud about the fact that each and every customer is reference able.  It’s continued focus on ensuring that the core values of DynaFlow are adhered to, ensures maximum benefit for our clients.


Introduction to EZ-Compliance



The EZ-Compliance solution enables organizations to document compliance policies and procedures, capturing full audit trails and approvals. To ensure compliance, periodic tests are performed and issues are resolved. Testing activities are scheduled and the right people are notified at the right time to ensure that test activities are performed. These activities are monitored for executing and notifications can be generated in case of non-timely execution or in case testing results show a non compliance situation.


Introduction to EZ-Dashboard



Performance management refers to how an organization leverages its assets (people, money and technology) to achieve short-, medium- and long-term strategic goals. The key risk indicators and key performance indicators can be configured to work in direct collaboration with each other to facilitate business growth and excellence as both of them are two different sides of the same coin. The key risk indicators provide an early warning signal to the management regarding the impending risks involved in a particular activity, the key performance indicators provide quantifiable inputs to enhance performance and enumerate the critical success factors vital to success in an organization


Introduction to EZ-Process



DynaFlow provides extended capability for Process and Knowledge Management with EZ-Process and seamless integration with back-end systems. The aim is to provide organizations with Web-enabled process publication and Knowledge Management solutions – in effect, to bring business processes to the web and allow sharing of process information across the extended enterprise – as well as linking process models with other knowledge sources.


Introduction to EZ-Workflow




DynaFlow, as leading provider of Enterprise Process Management Solutions and Services, delivers since 2004 the EZ-Workflow Solution to corporations across the globe. Being recognized as the leader in the Business Process Management field since mid „90s, DynaFlow invested heavily in complementing the Business Process Management (EZ-BPM) and Enterprise Risk Management Solution (EZ-Compliance) with a Workflow Solution (EZ-Workflow) Suite. 

best grammar app

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