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Imixs Workflow

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The open source project Imixs Workflow provides a business process management (BPM) solution based on Java. The project focus on human workflows, so it provides users with all necessary informations during a business process like different task lists and process documentation. The workflow system helps users to start a new process, finding a document or complete running
tasks. The project offers a full featured workflow management solution based on the Java EE 6 specification. The Eclipse based modeling tool facilitates the design and implementation of workflows into any type of business application.


The following figure shows the typical flow of a document or data sheet from one user to another controlled by a workflow management system.





Imixs Workflow controls which users can start a new business process or process a running task. Each business process defines different users to be involved during a workflow. The Workflow Management System grants the access to a specific process instance. Therefore Imixs Workflow provides a security layer to process confidential business data.


Database Independence


Imixs Workflow can be deployed on any database system. Imixs Workflow automatically connects to the database and cares about initializing the database and mapping a process instance to the database schema.


Web Service Interfaces


The Imixs XML and Web Service provides standardized interfaces to external infrastructure or legacy applications. The project provides REST Services and SOAP Web Services. There are no restrictions in connecting your workflow application to any server system.




The Imixs Workflow Modeler allows the control of a business process without changing one line of application code. The workflow model describes what should happen in a specific workflow step and configures the behaviour of the workflow application.



This are some features of the Imixs Modeling tool

  • email notification
  • workflow history
  • compliance
  • process documentation
  • versioning
  • security, ownership
  • pdf export
  • reporting


License and Services


Imixs Workflow provides the results of the project under the GPL with a dual-license model, to meet the usage and distribution requirements of different types of users.


The Imixs Software Solutions GmbH - based on Munich/germany - is specialized in workflow management solutions and supports small and medium enterprises in the realization of their software projects.Closely partnerships with many open source projects guarantee a flexibile and easy integration into existing environments.

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