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Gart Capote

Gart Capote


BSC, KPI, BPM, BPMN, BPEL, BPMS, Business Process Management Excellence, Activity Based Costing, Operational Dashboards, Strategic Drivers Alignment, SOA Architecture, EAI projects, Project Management.

Project Experiences

Outside-In Process Methodology Development
Process Management Advisory and Guidance
BPM Solaris Methodology Practice and Appraisal
BPMS Advisory
Management of BPM / SOA / EAI Projects
BPMN and BPEL Usage

Engagement Types


I’m an intense, seasoned and certified business process professional (CBPP) with more than 15 years of experience and I’m also strongly oriented to new entrepreneurship initiatives. I’ve wrote a Business Process Management Methodology 4 years ago, and I keep it updated - always searching for evolutionary changes and improvement capacities. This methodology is still applied in many of my projects throughout Brazil, and sometimes it is referenced when I’m working as technical advisor abroad (e-Government, Oil, Healthcare and Telecom).
Regarding languages spoken, I have a good English proficiency, a native Portuguese, and also some good knowledge of Spanish and French. I’m learning Chinese-Mandarin and would love to practice it asap...

Seven years ago I’ve started my own consultancy initiative, which at first was focused on Corporative Architecture and Integration Technologies and since then I’ve gradually evolved our services and skills aiming to acquire and provide a more holistic approach about Processes Discovery, Improvement, Alignment and Management.

3 years ago I made my first contact with the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (Chicago, IL - USA). I was just looking for some serious professional knowledge certification and I found them. There was an instant alignment of objectives, and I’ve started to work on this Herculean mission of find fellow professionals who would join me in a pro-bono taskforce determined to bring ABPMP to our country and establish the Brazilian Chapter… And we did it! 
As one of the founders an also the President of the Chapter, I can proudly say that we are recognized as one of the most successful chapters in the world. 

We've translated the BPM CBOK® to Portuguese, and at 2010 we announced in Brazil the International Business Process Management Professional Certification Program CBPP®.

The worldwide BPM comunity is becoming more aware and interested in getting their CBPP credential.

best grammar app

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