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PRIME PMG Pty Ltd Brisbane Headquarter Moggill Road, Chapel Hill, BRISBANE QLD 4069
61 (7) 3878 6743
About the Company

PRIME Process Management Group is a specialised group which provides practical solutions to medium/large scale organisations, who face a broad range of business issues. We are a group of professional people who are practical, business and technology savvy and thrive on resolving business problems.

For almost five years, PRIME PMG has provided Business Process Management (BPM) and System Implementation services to medium and large-scale organisations. To compliment these services and to aid knowledge transfer to our clients, PRIME PMG has also delivered numerous training courses in both BPM and System Implementation. Recently, we have added a BPM product suite to our offerings. This multi-user software, the Enterprise Process Center (EPC) allows clients to gain the advantage of collaborating within a secure, feature-rich and centralised web based management environment. This software is completely modular and fully customisable to meet the specific business needs of anyone from a small-start up company to a global enterprise.

BPM Client

Bpm Tools

EPC Modeler

The EPC Modeleris our feature rich process design client. With the EPC Modeler, your business analysts and system architects can model business processes and all their corresponding attributes within a fully audited collaborative environment. When a change is made in the EPC Modeler, an automated approval cycle is launched before the content is published for end-users, ensuring ownership and tracebility of all objects.

EPC Server

The EPC serverallows all of the content created in the EPC modeler to be distributed to your employees through the EPC web portal. EPC server is built on a J2EE platform, and is JDBC compliant: supporting MSSQL, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL databases. The EPC server functions ona true client-server relationship, ensuring content security and data integrity. EPCalso supports a clustered server environment for highly scalable international BPM deployments.

EPC Web Portal

The EPC Web Portalis the primary means for employees to access processes and related documentation from any location worldwide via the internet. The web portal enables users to participate in employee discussions, and encourages all resources to provide input for continuous process improvements. With the MyEPC, users have their own personalised landing page of relevant information (processes, documents, dashboards), this keeps content relevant to users and minimises resistence to new technology.

Core BPM Strengths

PRIME® Methodology
PRIME PMG applies its domain independent, systematic and structured methodology - PRIME® (PRocesses In a Monitored Environment) to resolve any business issues.

Domain Independent

Our methodology is able to be applied to any industry vertical. Banking, insurance, production or service industry etc, our methodology will deliver business agility.


Our methodology is logical and efficient.  All aspects of the preceding phase must be completed before the following phase can be undertaken. This ensures that no aspect of the business is overlooked.


Our methodology is well planned, ordered and controlled.  This provides a solid foundation for any business process initiative.

PRIME® dramatically improves business productivity and manages the business change to achieve the best possible result.


Projects Been Part
Workforce For BPM
Anyother Services

Business process improvement

Our Process Improvement Service provides governance for organisational policies, operational procedures and the organisational structure, in aid of improving organisational agility and performance. Our professional knowledge and skills in Business Process Management helps achieve a dramatic improvement in business process towards operational excellence. PRIME PMG applies its domain independent, systematic and structured methodology - PRIME® (PRocesses In a Monitored Environment) to resolve process related business issues.

Process mapping outsourcing

A business process map defines how an organisation performs work: the steps involved and their sequence; who is responsible for each step; and how work groups interact. Business Process Mapping is a powerful technique to understand an organisations business processes and a means to help meet one or several organisational goals.


PRIME PMG is a leading provider of Business Process Management training.The curriculum is a result of several years of global research and practical experience, to ensure that what is taught in theory, is successful in practice.

Business process maturity model

The Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM) was developed by the Object Management Group (OMG) , a not for profit international industry consortium. The model describes an evolutionary improvement path that guides organisations in moving from immature, inconsistent processes to mature, disciplined processes. In following the BPMM improvement path, organisational behaviour and culture will change allowing the organisation to produce continually improving business results.


PRIME PMG is a leading provider of Business Process Management training. PRIME PMG delivers the following courses:


Course name




Business Process Management

Executive Course

1 day


BPMN for Business Process Modelling

Intensive Course

2 days


Process Analyst

Foundation Course

3 days

In-house Courses:

If you have 6 or more individuals we suggest an in house course. In house courses are very cost-effective for groups. We will come to you anywhere and deliver any of the BPM training courses in our curriculum. You supply an appropriate venue and facilities. We supply the course, the student handouts and the instructor. Contact training@primepmg.comfor the costing and the suitable date.

Please contact training@primepmg.comfor further information on our courses. We look forward to seeing you at our next course.

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