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Progress Software

Progress Software
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14 Oak Park Drive, Bedford MA 01720 USA
+1 781 280-4000
About the Company

Progress Software (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global software company that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur—to capitalize on opportunities, drive efficiencies, and reduce risk.
The comprehensive Progress portfolio provides leading solutions for enterprise integration, data interoperability and application development, including SaaS enablement and delivery in the cloud. The Progress® Responsive Process Management suite lets users gain real-time visibility into processes, immediately sense and respond to events, and continuously improve business processes.  Progress solutions are used across a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Communications, Travel & Leisure, and Supply Chain.
Progress|Savvion is Progress Software’s offering in the BPM area.Progress® Savvion, industry leading BPM software, is the easiest way for customers to drive business process innovation. It gives customers the tools they need to rapidly create and optimize process-driven solutions and flexible interfaces to manage daily work efficiently with real-time visibility into business processes. Improving business process management today will help you achieve operational responsiveness, greater ROI, and better customer experiences.
Progress was also the innovator of the “4GL”, which has grown into its OpenEdge product. Progress® OpenEdge® is the leading SaaS platform for simplifying and streamlining the development, integration, and management of business applications for deployment 'in the cloud.' With OpenEdge, Independent Software Vendors and Business Service Providers can enjoy flexible deployment to a variety of public and private cloud providers.  And OpenEdge is being integrated with Progress|Savvion, Progress Software’s BPM product. OpenEdgeBPM is shipping today.

BPM Client

Few of the companies benefitting form Progress Solutions are:

Bpm Tools

Refer to attached PDF that provides a graphical overview of the Savvion 7.6 architecture. Also, refer to the website

Core BPM Strengths

Progress | Savvion:

  • has an open, clean, well-documented architecture that is proven for enterprise-class, large process solutions with high scalability
  • supports all seven “BPM usage patterns”: human, system, document, event, decision, case and project-centric processes
  • allows for visualization of many process aspects and is innovative and easy for business professionals to use
  • supports real-time analysis of in-flight processes and dynamically suggests changes to keep running processes optimally
Projects Been Part
Workforce For BPM

Progress Software has 1800 employees worldwide in all functions working on all of its products. For BPM specifically, many of the employees by function (e.g., development, sales, marketing) and by product (e.g., RPM) are shared with other products. However, roughly 300 of the employees are dedicated to the BPM effort.

Anyother Services

Progress provides a range of service offerings to help customers deploy an RPM solution - from the initial assessment, through final deployment.  Progress offers an agile RPM implementation methodology that is designed to build value quickly and in an iterative fashion.

Training is offered throughout the life-cycle of the BPM project, and spans across multiple users and roles within the organization. Training is typically tailored based on the needs of each individual organization, and combines traditional instructor lead training, hands-on mentoring, and on-line/web based training. Typical users for this training within the organization include Infrastructure/Deployment Engineers, Developers, Business Analysts, and Operational End Users.

Designed with input from our Product Engineering, Product Readiness Training, Professional Services and Technical Support teams, Progress Education offers extensive curricula that are designed to help our customers to get the most out of all Progress products, including our integration and process improvement products. By completing these course curricula, our customers gain practical, hands-on knowledge to apply Progress products and solve business challenges.

Progress offers over 75 courses as part of the integration and process improvement curricula. This is only a subset of our extensive library. Progress Education offers a variety of training options, including instructor-led training (ILT), custom development, and eLearning via the Progress eLearning Community (PEC). Customers can choose the level (beginner to advanced) and the style (instructor-led in-person classroom, or online courses) that best suits their needs and learning styles. Progress also offers prescribed, role-based curriculum maps to help customers create and track personal learning plans for their employees.
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